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GRE Vocabulary Testing Program. May add to datafile...
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GRE Vocabulary Testing Program. May add to datafile…
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Contents of the QUIZZER.DOC file


QUIZZER is a simple flash-card program. It was developed by GMUtant to
help a student worker we know prepare for his upcoming GRE examination.
He hasn't taken the test yet, but we're hoping this program helps.

The program's design is very generic, enabling you to use it with a
variety of data files. The following conventions must be used:

The DATA files (pure ASCII only) must follow this form:

"Term or Phrase","Correct Response"
"Term or Phrase","Correct Response"

one term or phrase (enclosed in quotes) and one response (also in quotes)
per line. A comma must be placed between the term and the response. You
may have up to 1,500 terms (with responses) per file...although if you
have very long terms or responses, they may consume more memory (allowing
only 1,000 or so per data file).

Here's an excerpt of the GRE word list file sample we include with the

"acturary","insurance computer"
"actuate","to incite"
"acumen","sharpness of mind"
"adduce","to bring forth proof"
"adjure","to demand, request"
"admonish","to warn"

Because of the screen window dimensions, your term should be no
longer than 40 characters, and the correct response no more than

You may create different files for different topics. Just be sure
your question/answer data file has the "QZZ" extension--since
Quizzer will be looking for that.

Several parameters may me set via the QUIZZER.DEF file. You should
read through the copy of the file's text below to better understand
the options available to you.

* Use "N" mode with Wordstar, Text-In/Text Out
* with Word Perfect. Any program editor (EDWIN,
* QEDIT, BRIEF, etc.) is ideal.
* This file contains values for several options
* you may define. It is a pure ASCII text file.
* with comment lines containing a '*' in the first
* column. If this file is missing, QUIZZER will
* supply defaults.
* Follow the form used here. PARA=xxxxxxx where
* xxxxx is the text you want to have displayed.
* The program will use *all* text that follows
* the '=' mark in the line. DO NOT change the
* UPPER CASE label for the data element...the
* program will be looking for exactly that text.
* Multiple files (y or n). If you want to have
* multiple QZZ files on a single disk--that is
* give the user the ability to select among several
* files--place a Y after the '=' sign on the
* "MULTIPLE=" line below.
* "Y" will prompt force QUIZZER to prompt user to
* select from a list of * QZZ files before the program
* begins. If MULTIPLE=N then the default file
* WORDLIST.QZZ will automatically load.
* IMPORTANT: If you set MULTIPLE=Y below, you must use
* the QZZ extension for all question/answer files. Only
* QZZ files will display prior to the "Select Question File"
* prompt.
* Window label text
* prompt line that introduces the question/term
PROMPT=Word to define -
* Text line that appears above the four choices
* Text line that labels the graph. This one must not be
* longer than 70 characters, as QUIZZER will read only
* 70 characters to the right of the GRAPH= line. You
* may use a shorter line but it will not match the
* graph's length.
GRAPH=Forget it..Very Poor...Poor...50/50..Average..Better...Scholar..Genius
* EOF: quizzer.dat

We'll be releasing data files in coming months as we build them. If
you create interesting databases, please make them available via
Bulletin Boards.


contact: GMUtant Software
Attn: C.W.Grotophorst
Fenwick Library, GMU
4400 University Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030

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