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QUATO - by Soleau - word game slide - play against the clock making words.

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QUATO v1.0 Req. EGA/VGA & Hard Disk
Soleau Software has produced another unique
strategy puzzle word game for all ages.
The objective is to push around letter tiles
on a 5x5 game grid to spell as many words
as you can within 3:00 minutes. Your words
are constantly being checked against a
80,000 word dictionary. The game is easy to
play and and fast paced. It offers hours of
entertainment for all ages. Very Addicting!
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QUATO – by Soleau – word game slide – play against the clock making words.
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Contents of the QUATO.DOC file



Program by William Soleau
Version 1.0 (c) 1993


Files Needed: Quato.ov0 Quato.ov1 Quato.ov2
Quato.ov3 Quato.ov4 Quato.ov5
Quato.ov6 Quato.ov7 Quato.ov8
Quato1.fnt Quato2.fnt Quato3.fnt


The object of Quato is quite simple. On the 5x5 game grid
there are 24 letters randomly placed at the beginning of each
game. The objective is to move the letter tiles around to spell
as many four or five letter words as you can within 3:00 minutes.


At the start of each game there will be one black space on the
game grid. Using your arrow keys (left,right,up,down), move the
letters around by using the blank space to arrange the tiles so
that they spell four or five letter words either across or down.
Each time you move a letter tile, that row and column will be
checked against an 80,000 word dictionary to see if any valid
words have been spelled. (With a Hard Disk of average speed, this
program can search approximately 10 different words in within a second)
If a word is found, then it will be shown on the right side of the
screen and its score will be added to your total score.


Points are awarded for each word found in the dictionary. A word can
only be used once during a single round. The scoring is based upon the
letters the word contains and the length of the word (either four
or five letters).

Each letter has a certain point value.

1 Point : A,D,E,I,L,M,N,O,R,S,T,U,W
2 Points: B,C,F,G,H,J,K,P,V,Y
3 Points: Q,X,Z

The letter values are totaled and then multiplied by the length of
the word.

Example: BATS B=2 A=1 T=1 S=1

Letter Values = 5 * 4 (word length) Total Word Score = 20


At the start of each round, there is a Bonus Word which is shown below
the game grid. If you can arrange the letter tiles to spell this word,
then that word score will be tripled!

Below the Bonus Word is a list of all the different letters which
appear on the game board. If you can use all the letters in spelling
your words within the 3:00 minute time limit, you will be awarded
a special bonus of 100 points.


When the 3:00 minute time limit has expired, your final score will be
shown below the word list on the right side of the screen. This score
will be compared against the Ten Top Scores recorded. If you happen to
qualify for the Ten Highest Scores, you will be asked to type in your
initials. The Top Ten Scores are always visible on the right side of the

* Note * If you want to reset the Top Ten Scores, then you can erase
the QUATO.SCR file from the disk.


Move Letter Tiles
irections Quato Instructions (Can be used to Pause Game)
ew Game Begins A Game
ound Toggles Sound On/Off
uit Quits Quato Game


Soleau Software's main focus is to produce the finest logic and
strategy games for the Shareware marketplace. Quato is just one
of over thirty other challenging Soleau Software Games.


If you like Quato and continue to use it, we request that
you register the game with us for $12.00. This registration will
not only speed up the loading and exiting of the program and the
wait between rounds, but will provide you with the ability to add
or delete words from the master dictionary.

Information concerning the registration or details on our many other
games can be found in the QUATOREG.DOC file or at the closing screen.


By registering this game with us, you instantly become a Soleau
Software Member. As a registered member you are entitled to
discounts on other Soleau Software and Special Bonus Package Offers.

We at Soleau Software thank you for your support and hope you
will continue to enjoy this as well as our other Shareware


William Soleau

Soleau Software

163 Amsterdam Ave
Suite 213
NYC, NY. 10023

* * * * * * *

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