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A Quick Stat Displayer for Earl Weaver Baseball V1.5.
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A Quick Stat Displayer for Earl Weaver Baseball V1.5.
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Quick Stat Displayer 12/19/89
V 1.02

by Will Hobday

This is a little program I whipped together because I was tired of the
speed at which EWB displayed stats. It's very simple in design. To run it put
it in your PATH or on your EWB disk and type QSD. The program will read the
PLAYER.DAT and LEAGNAME.DAT files out of the CURRENT directory. Enter the
number(including the zero on sigle digits) of the stat you want to see. Press
any key to page through list, x will abort. CTRL/BREAK to exit. You MUST be
using EWB 1.5 for this to run.
Right now this is a simple little program capable of only displaying
the first league in data files, but if there is enough interest I will expand
the program to include all the functions of EWB Commissioner's Disk (except
Ballpark editor), as well as features of my own, plus support for earlier
versions of EWB. Please drop me a line if your interested or have any comments
or suggestions at:

Will Hobday
14204 Pioneer Cir.
Glenelg, MD 21737

P.S. A small contribution would be appreciated.

Earl Weaver Baseball (c) 1987 by Mirage Graphics Inc.
The Commissioner's Disk (c) 1988 by Eddie Dombrower and Mirage Graphics Inc.

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