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Magnetic Music 203-775-7832

Welcome to the DEMO version of Prism. There are several important facts to
know before running this demo.

1) This program requires a MOUSE. Please make sure that your MOUSE driver
program is loaded.

2) The SETUP program looks for several files that MUST be present on the
floppy disk in order to install the program, correctly. These programs

HELP DAT 80348 3-22-89 12:22a
BRAND3 SNG 37364 4-03-89 10:10a
PRSMTOTX EXE 13705 3-22-89 12:22a
READ ME 2104 3-23-89 1:24a
HERCICON DAT 120 3-08-89 12:11a
PRSMDEMO EXE 171105 4-02-89 4:47p
CGAICONS DAT 4890 3-08-89 12:11a
SETUP EXE 22073 4-02-89 5:58p


1) Loop recording works a little differently than documented in the manual.
First, you do not need to set the cue point. The loop will always start
at the beginning of the selected region. Second, the loop will NOT
extend one measure after punch-out time, as documented in the manual.
The loop covers only the selected region. After some feedback, we
decided this was a much simpler way to use loop recording.

2) When slaving Prism via MIDI sync to a drum machine or sync box, Prism
will start at the current transport time when a MIDI START is received,
unless the transport was stopped by a MIDI STOP, in which case a MIDI
START will start at the beginning of the pattern. A MIDI CONTINUE will
always continue playing at the current transport time.

3) To use Prism files with TEXTURE, convert your Prism song files using the
"PRSMTOTX.EXE" utility included with Prism. If you are using "The
Copyist" from Dr. T's, you will need to first convert Prism files to
TEXTURE format, and then use the Copyist's internal conversion program
to convert the TEXTURE song file to Copyist format.

4) Texture pattern files created at a timebase other than 96 will not load
correctly, unless you have already loaded a Texture SONG file with the
same timebase. Timebases other than 96 are not officially supported.

5) Prism allows you to use an interupt other than 2 for your MIDI
interface. For example, some Commodore AT clones have the mouse interupt
hardwired to 2. You would need to change the MIDI interface to an
unused interupt (usually 5 for AT's and 3 for PC's), and tell Prism that
you are using that interupt. To use interupt 5, for example, run Prism
by typing: Prism -I5

To run Prism with a different interupt, and also specify a file to load,
type: Prism -I5 filename

Not all MIDI interfaces have the capability to select a different
interupt. Check with that manual for your interface.

If you are interested in purchasing this program, please feel free to call
me, Preston Tuchman, at 317-872-7591. The selling price of Prism is
$99.00. As of this date, 4-3-89, this program may still be in testing and
not yet commercially available.

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Archive   : PRSMDEMO.ZIP
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