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POPGAMES by Geoffrey Silverton
Version 0.9 January 1990

This version of POPGAMES contains four games which will be individually
described below. POPGAMES is a memory-resident program but takes up only
about 30K of memory. Once installed, POPGAMES can be activated by pressing
CTRL-ALT-G from within most text mode programs. POPGAMES supports the
Monochrome, CGA, EGA, MCGA, and VGA video boards.

To install:
Type "POPGAMES" at the DOS prompt.

To activate POPGAMES:
Press the CTRL, ALT, and G keys together. POPGAMES can be called only when
in text mode. If CTRL-ALT-G is pressed while in a graphics mode, a warning
tone is sounded. WHEN RUNNING WITH SIDEKICK -- try using SHIFT-CTRL-ALT-G
to activate POPGAMES.

At any time, POPGAMES can be hidden by pressing the ESC key. This will
remove the POPGAMES window and save your current game so you can later
resume by pressing CTRL-ALT-G.

To remove POPGAMES from memory:
Type "POPGAMES STOP" at the DOS prompt. Under some circumstances, you may
want to remove the POPGAMES program from memory. This, however, can only
be accomplished if POPGAMES is the last memory-resident program you
installed. If other programs were placed in memory after POPGAMES, they
must be removed first. Of course, rebooting your machine will always
remove POPGAMES.

*** The Games ***

Tetriz is just like the popular Russian game of similar name. You must
manipulate falling four-square pieces to avoid filling a rectangular pit.
By shifting and rotating the pieces as they descend, your object is to
complete rows of squares. When a row is finished, it disappears allowing
the squares piled above to fall.

Scoring is based on your level and how far from the bottom of the pit you
drop your pieces. If a piece comes to rest without being dropped, it is
scored as if dropped from where it stops. Your score is shown in the
upper-right corner; the number of rows completed in the upper-left.

Your playing level is determined by the number of rows completed. After
every ten rows, the game speeds up. You can start at a higher level by
pressing the up arrow once for each additional level. You will remain at
this level until you exceed the number of rows normally associated with
the level. (For example, if you press UP five times at the beginning of
a game, you will remain at level five until 60 rows are completed.)

Commands: LEFT & RIGHT ARROWS: move the piece horizontally.
UP: increases playing level
DOWN or SPACEBAR: drops piece
"5" (middle numeric pad key): rotates piece counter-clockwise

* * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * *

This game simulates a puzzle with fifteen numbered sliding tiles and one
empty hole on a four-by-four matrix. Try to order the pieces. Use the
arrow keys to move the blinking cursor. Pressing the SPACEBAR pushes the
current tile and all tiles between the cursor and the hole toward the hole.
The cursor must be in the same row or column as the hole. If you can order
the tiles, a brief but colorful light show will reward your success.
| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |
| 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |
| 9 | 10| 11| 12|
| 13| 14| 15| |

Light Cycles is based on one of the competitions in the movie _Tron_. You
and the computer each control a "light cycle" which leaves a trailing wall.
Your controls include turning left or right and changing speed. To win,
you must remain alive until your opponent crashes.

The computer may be the more agile contestant but is not particularly
intelligent. In addition, only your light cycle has the ability to change

Your score is based on the time you survive at your playing level and
speed. You are advanced to the next level every two rounds.

Controls: LEFT & RIGHT ARROWS: Turn to the left or right.
UP: Change to HIGH speed.
DOWN: Change to LOW speed.

You must break through and completely destroy a wall using a bouncing ball
hit with a paddle. You control the paddle which can be moved to the left
or right. The ball's bouncing direction depends on where it hits the
paddle. Higher levels include smaller paddles, more bricks, and faster

Scoring: Points are awarded for each brick you hit. ALL POINTS ARE
OF THE PLAYING ARENA WITH THE BALL. The window border will
change from blue to red when you accomplish this. Your score is
shown in the upper-right corner.

Brick Color: Score:
MAGENTA (the highest) 6
BLUE (the lowest) 1

At every 250 points, you receive an extra ball. The number of
reserve balls you have is displayed in the upper-left corner.

Controls: LEFT & RIGHT ARROWS move the paddle.


Please note that this is only an early version of POPGAMES. If you have any
complaints or suggestions, I would be happy to hear from you. My address is
(and will be):

Before 6/91: After 6/91:
Geoffrey Silverton Geoffrey Silverton
BOX 4871 Brown University 8609 Hidden Hill Lane
Providence, RI 02912 Potomac, MD 20854

Feel free to copy and give unmodified copies of POPGAMES to others. If you
would like to register (for $15), I will send you my latest version of
POPGAMES with any found bugs removed and (most likely) more games.

Memory-resident programs are by nature somewhat tricky. If you are having
trouble with POPGAMES, the problem may be an incompatibility with other
memory-resident software you are running. Try varying the order you call
your memory-resident programs (in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file).

If you like POPGAMES, you may be interested in trying some other games I have

TUNNELER -- A high-speed two player tank battle game using 160x100
$15.00 sixteen color CGA graphics. Each player has a window showing
a small portion of a larger "world" which is shaped by the
players' tunneling. Dig to build ambush traps or sneak up
on your enemy. Works on CGA, EGA, MCGA, or VGA.

WORMS -- Push blocks to build walls which entrap or squish the speeding
$5.00 worms. Combines action and strategy. Uses CGA 4-color
graphics. Works on CGA, EGA, MCGA, or VGA.

Are you interested in learning how to use the undocumented CGA low-res. 160x100
16-color graphics? For $20, I will send you my low-res. "toolbox" -- the Turbo
Pascal 4.0 unit I wrote for the game TUNNELER. Well-documented routines are
included for drawing points and lines and printing text using an included 6x6

Please specify 5.25 or 3.5 inch disk. Thank you and enjoy POPGAMES!

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