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A very nice Adlib command line .ROL player. Requires Adlib card.
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A very nice Adlib command line .ROL player. Requires Adlib card.
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Contents of the PLAYROL.DOC file

Adlib Command Line .ROL Player
Version 1.2

(c) Copyright 1989 by Tracy Harton



where ROLfile.ROL is the name of the .ROL file to play and BNKfile.BNK
is the name of the .BNK file to use. The file extensions will default
to .ROL and .BNK if omitted. The BNKfile.BNK will default to
STANDARD.BNK if omitted. Wildcards may be used in the ROLfile.ROL


PLAYROL Aria.ROL Standard.BNK Plays file Aria.ROL using the bankfile

PLAYROL B* Plays all files beginning with B


where SCRfile.SCR is the name of the script file containing any of
the following commands:

/R ROLfile.ROL The name of the .ROL file to play
/B BNKfile.BNK The name of the .BNK file [optional]
/Tn Text_Text_Text Text to display before playing, n = 1-5
/F TXTfile.TXT The name of the text file to display
before playing
/L n Plays n seconds of song [not implemented]

NOTE: The /R command must be given before each of the other commands.


PLAYROL @Songs.SCR Plays the .ROL Brahms1.ROL using the
bankfile STANDARD.BNK. It display the
line "Brahms 1st Symphony" and then
display the text file, INFO.TXT.

Songs.SCR contains:

/R Brahms1
/B Standard.BNK
/T1 Brahm's 1st Symphony
/L 30

When playing a single Song:

Any key will abort song.

When playing multiple Songs:

Space to skip song and go to the next one.
ESC to quit.

When playing script files:

Space to skip to the next song or skip the text file.
ESC to quit.


Version 1.0 - The legacy of playrol began.

Version 1.1 - Added Script files, memory allocation
checking, and correct .ROL and .BNK structure checking.

Version 1.2 - Added this history section, version numbers as
requested, and reduced the overall memory needed a little.


Theoretically, if you have a slow computer, a very small Sound
Driver buffer, and a very large .ROL file consiting of small notes,
problems may arise. If this happens, correct one or more of these

The program now checks for correct .ROL and .BNK files. It also
aborts if there is not enough memory to correctly load the .ROL
file. It has been tested on an 640K XT Clone with the 12K Sound
Driver (sound b3000)

If you bought your Adlib card a long time ago, you may not have
.BNK files. I believe versions 1.5 and above use .BNK files.
If this is the case, Look on BBSs for the Bank Manager called
BANKMNG or perhaps call Adlib.


If you have any comments, criticisms, or suggestions, I can be reached
in the Adlib conference on RelayNet (->U2U), on User-to-User (214-492-6565)
or on my BBS, Salamandria (214-238-5539) The latest version of
Playrol can be found on the later two.

If you feel compelled, donations are welcome! This software is not
public domain, it's shareware. A relaxed form of shareware that
is. You are not required to register, but it may perhaps encourage
me to write other Adlib software. Another thing, I really need the
money and I wouldn't want you to feel guilty for not contributing.
You can contact me at one of the places above.

Tracy Harton

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