Category : A Collection of Games for DOS and Windows
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Filename : RANGE.PDF

Output of file : RANGE.PDF contained in archive : PIT353.ZIP
None0Throwing Knife1d4Sling 1d4
Short Bow1d62Long Bow1d6dShort Comp. Bow1d6ÈLong Comp. Bow1d6
ôGreat Bow1d7 è+1 Short Bow1d6+1
Ü+1 Long Bow1d6+1
Ð+1 Short Comp. Bow1d6+1
+1 Long Comp. Bow1d6+1

+1 Great Bow1d7+1
š+2 Short Bow1d6+2ˆ+2 Long Bow1d6+2p+2 Short Comp. Bow1d6+2X+2 Long Comp. Bow1d6+2
@+2 Great Bow1d7+2 (#+3 Short Bow1d6+3)+3 Long Bow1d6+3È2+3 Short Comp. Bow1d6+3¤8+3 Long Comp. Bow1d6+3
€>+3 Great Bow1d7+3 PF+4 Short Bow1d6+4( N+4 Long Bow1d6+4(ðU+4 Short Comp. Bow1d6+4(À]+4 Long Comp. Bow1d6+4(
xi+4 Great Bow1d7+4( 0u+5 Short Bow1d6+52è€+5 Long Bow1d6+52 Œ+5 Short Comp. Bow1d6+52@œ+5 Long Comp. Bow1d6+52
à«+5 Great Bow1d7+52 PÃBow of Second Sight1d6+6<ØÖNight Hawk1d6+6<èýDragon Flight1d6+6<pSeeker 1d6+6<
ø$Silver Shaft
1d7+6< LGrim Tooth1d6+7FsDemon Bow
1d6+7F(šDeath Reaper1d6+7F8ÁArcher's Hand1d6+7F
XHeart Bow 1d7+7F x]Bow of the Ancients 1d7+8P@
Magic Darts*d4PFlaming Fist*d6PLightning Fist *d6P
Acid Arrow*d6P Magical Missle*d7PDemon Wind*d7P
Ice Spear*d8PDevil's Claws*d9PEternal Light
Fire Ball*d10PLightning Bolt*d10P
Meteor Shower *d10P Doom Blast *d12POdin's Bow 10d6+30,Loki's Bow 5d6+10dThor's Hammer 100d6+20ÈUller's Long Bow 2d10+11nGaze 10d1Hurled Boulder2d8Hurled Boulder3d10Hurled Boulder2d10Tail spike
1d6Cold Breath30d1Firey Breath12d1Acid Breath33d1Gorgon Breath20d1Chimera Breath3d8Chlorine Breath46d1Death Ray9d6Electical Breath56d1
Firey Breath67d1 Banshee's Wail20d1Chromatic Breath
360d1Blindness Breath10d1Blindness10d1Transmuting Ray10d1Demonic Fire Breath1d152 Lightning Bolt*d10
Super Fire Breath1d180Hurled Boulder1d10Giant Bow1d10Web Breath10d1Paralyzing Breath10d1Light Blast 20d1
Breath of Cold16d4 Acid Spit2d8Web Shooting10d1
Heat Ray1d60Poisoned Dagger1d6Manta Bow1d6+2Dark Crossbow1d6+4Black Lotus Bow1d6+6
Earth Quake 8d10 Flame Strike9d10 Tornado8d10 Tidal Wave 8d10 Globe of Mud6d10
Globe of Magma6d10
Ice Storm6d10
Sand Storm6d10
Sun Beam 5d10
Moon Beam5d10

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Archive   : PIT353.ZIP
Filename : RANGE.PDF

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: