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Edit your pilot for F-19 Stealth Figher or F-15 Strike Eagle II. Includes complete C source code.
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Edit your pilot for F-19 Stealth Figher or F-15 Strike Eagle II. Includes complete C source code.
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Contents of the PILED.DOC file

Piled Notes

Piled is a program to edit various data about your pilots for both
F-15 Strike Eagle II and F-19 Stealth Fighter. The program should be pretty
easy to figure out, so you shouldn't need to read any further, but I'll
say a few things anyway.

Usage:Change to your game directory, then run without parameters. Piled
will autodetect which game you are editing for. If both F-15
and F-19 are in the same directory it will edit F-15.

Medals: For F-15 this works as a toggle, if the pilot already has the
selected medal, it will take it away, if not it will add it. For
F-19, it will give a number in parenthesis when you are selecting
the type of medal to edit. If you exceed this number, the medal will
either not show up at all (purple heart and CMOH) or it will not
show up where it should (everything else) when you highlight that
pilot in the game.

Comments: F-19 keeps track of much more info about it's pilots. For this
reason, the program acts slightly differently depending on which
game you are editing. Specifically, F-15 doesn't keep track of
how many medals of each type you get, doesn't have a Purple Heart
and doesn't keep track of the Last Score for pilots.

Disclaimers: I make no guarantees about how well this program works. It may
screw up for you. For this reason it creates a backup file (see
top of screen when first run for file names). I tested this program
with version 451.01 of F-15 and version 435.04 of F-19. I am also
pretty sure that it will work the same for earlier versions of F-19.

Any comments, suggestions, or bug complaints can be mailed to me at
[email protected].

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