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Piglatin! A text converter to convert ascii text into pig-latin!! Pretty silly. UL'ed by author.
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Piglatin! A text converter to convert ascii text into pig-latin!! Pretty silly. UL’ed by author.
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Contents of the PIGLATIN.DOC file

Pig-Latin is a program to convert text into pig-latin. I hereby release
it to the public domain. I don't think this program is lage enough, useful
enough, or hard enough to program to warrant any money. Likewise, I know
this isn't the first pig-latin filter.

Using pig-latin is VERY easy. When you run it by itself, the cursor goes
to the next line, and you can type something in, which will be converted and
shown on the next line. To exit you can press Ctrl-Z and then [ENTER], or
you can press Ctrl-BREAK or Ctrl-C.

Pig-latin can recieve it's input from almost anywhere, and can send
it's output almost anywhere. This can be achieved using the dos-redirection
stuff. The default input is keyboard, and the default output is the screen.
Here are some examples:

PIGLATIN < myfile.txt
This would take the file "myfile.txt" and use it for input, displaying
the results on screen.

PIGLATIN > output.dat
This would be something like a dictation. You can type what you want,
and the results will be recorded in the file "output.dat". Note that
anytime the output is redirected, it doesn't show on the screen.

PIGLATIN < file1.txt > file2.txt
This would convert "file1.txt" and save the results to "file2.txt".

You can also use the pipe "|" to run it concurrently with another program.

This would run Q_QUOTE, and all of Q_QUOTE's output would be directed
to PIGLATIN, which would convert it and show it to screen. This
statement has the same effect as typing "Q_QUOTE /na /q5" EXCEPT that
all the output shows up in pig-latin. Again, if you want the output
to show up in a data file, you can add the ">" and the filename.

I hope you enjoy this program as much as I had programming it.

-Ed T. Toton III, 9/24/92

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