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Personal Golf Tracker keeps track of your golf scores along with statistics about your game. You can keep averages, comparisions, etc.
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Personal Golf Tracker keeps track of your golf scores along with statistics about your game. You can keep averages, comparisions, etc.
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Contents of the README file


The intent of the program is to provide an easy way to keep
track of your golf scores. As the program expanded I wanted to
know more than just my scores. Now you can know much more about
your game than just what you shot. Personal Golf Tracker
has the following features:

1. Keep track of your scores.
2. Display your personal best on each course you play.
3. Display average scores on par 3's, 4's and 5's.
4. Compare your scores to Par, Bogey or Double Bogey.
5. Graphically Show the percentage of time you shot Par, Bogey or
Double Bogey.
6. Show percentage distribution of Eagle, Birdie, Par, etc.
7. Graphically display your high, low and average hole by
8. Track six special aspects of your game of your choosing.
9. Graphically display your trends of six aspects of your
game of your choosing.
10. Print a hard copy of the rounds you've entered.
11. Enter up to 70 rounds on 25 courses of 25 golfers.
12. Analyze rounds before and after a given date.
13. Calculate handicaps.

If you use this program and find it of value your are obligated to
register your copy. Please feel free to share this copy of Personal
Golf Tracker with others.

Registration gets you a printed manual of the documentation, a disk
with the latest version of the program with the "nagware" notice
removed, and unlimited phone support.

You can printout this readme file and the program's documentation by
typing the following:


Send your $15.00 registration fee to:

John Hancock
2713 Trelawny Dr.
Clarksville, TN 37043

(Please indicate 3.5 or 5.25 inch disk.)

Installing PGT Version 2.0

CAUTION: If you are updating to version two read this carefully:

You should backup your Course.lst and Golfer.lst files on your old
version before installing Version 2.0 of PGT. Do this by logging
onto the disk and directory that contains your old version of PGT
and entering the following:

copy *.lst *.bak

As distributed the files Course.Lst and Golfer.Lst do not exist. If you
run PGT from the distribution disk these files will be created with
no information in them. If you copy them to your drive and directory
containing the old version of PGT your course and golfer files will be

Copy all files on this disk, keeping in mind the notice above, to the
disk on which your old PGT programs reside.

Installing to Fixed disk:
Log onto the directory that has the old PGT version. For example, if
your Fixed(hard) disk is drive C: and the PGT program is installed in
the directory named PGT this is what you should do:


Copy the files from this disk to your PGT directory on drive C: I'll
assume that this disk is in drive A:

copy a:*.*

Installing on a system with dual floppies:
Put the disk with the old PGT version in Drive B:
Put this disk in drive A:

copy A:*.* b:

New PGT files: pgt.exe, pgt.doc, pgt.hlp, and default.dft will be copied
over the old files.

You will have to reset your program defaults that are found under the
Default Other and Default Names menus. This is necessary because the
added Newest Date feature has changed the length of the Default.dft file.

First time installation:

Installing to Fixed disk:
Make a directory on your Fixed(hard) disk named PGT and copy the files
from the PGT distribution disk. This assumes this disk is in drive a:
and that you are logged onto the root directory of your Fixed(hard) drive.

copy a:*.*

Installing to Floppies:
Format a floppy disk and put it in the B: drive. Put this disk in the
a: drive.

copy a:*.* b:

New features in Version 2 of Personal Golf Tracker:

Added handicap calculations.
Added newest date feature so you could select rounds between two dates.
Added zoom feature to Graph Statistics screen.
Added chart on Distribution screen.
Increased number of rounds to 70, golfers to 25 and courses to 25.
Increased number of sound options.
Statistics can now be printed

Fixes and minor changes:

Adding scores above 9 now works.
Improved color screen on High/Low graph for those with monochrome monitors.
Changed colors on Distribution screen.
Improved sorting routines which enabled more rounds to be entered.
Backup now saves .LST files to .BAK as well as selected golfer.

If this is an unregistered copy of Personal Golf Tracker I encourage you
to register the program. Find the registration information in the file
named PGT.DOC.

Comments about Personal Golf Tracker are invited. I can be reached on
Compuserve at ID# 72500,2272, GEnie ID# J.L.HANCOCK, or you can write me
at the address listed above. Phone support is available to registered

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