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USSR Perestroika theme for a frogger-like arcade game.
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USSR Perestroika theme for a frogger-like arcade game.
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Contents of the README.DOC file


PERESTROIKA is a game you are sure to enjoy! Don't get too addicted!

PERESTROIKA is a shareware game and you are free to copy and distribute
it. PERESTROIKA requires EGA or VGA video card and 356K of free RAM.

If you enjoyed the PERESTROIKA game with the translation provided in
this file, consider supporting the new progressive software effort in
the Soviet Union in the era of perestroika. Please, send your check
or money order for just $5.00 (or more?) to:

Leonid Sneider
53 Egmont St. #4,
Brookline, MA 02146

The idea of a game is to conduct perestroika (restructuring) and
to survive in adverse conditions that currently exist in the Soviet
Union. You would have to grab as many material goods as you can, you
would have to avoid party beuracrauts, etc. .

Files, supplied with the game:


To play the game, just issue a command: PERE with a carriage return.

The initial screen will play an old Russian song (nice music!) for
15 seconds. There is no way at this time to interrupt the music.
As soon as the song stops, hit carriage return, and instructions screen
will come up. The instructions are in Russian (sorry!) and, therefore,
they are translated and explained here:

A Grey Oval - Laws & Regulations - they change,
disappear, and new ones would appear in different
places; you have to use them as a foundation to get
to the upper right corner;
Green Frogger - you, the democrat;
Red Frogger - party beauracraut (to be avoided);
Blue Ball - consumer goods (scarce!);
Red Ball - hard currency (even more scarce!);
Yellow Ball - Progressive Tax (you should avoid this one);

A number in yellow circle - a Milestone of a "Great Perestroika Way".

There are 25 milestones (rounds) to complete. Each consecutive
round is harder.

Press a carriage return, and the game will start.
Escape key pauses the game.
You are given 3 attemts to survive in Soviet Union. If you lose,
the party beauracrauts (red froggers) perform their little dance,
expressing their condolences. During this dance, press "1 to conduct
perestroika again, or "0" if you choose to terminate the game.

GOOOOD LUCK! You will need it.

For additional questions about the game write to address provided above.


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