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Simple Pinball Game. Runs too fast on 386 machines.
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Simple Pinball Game. Runs too fast on 386 machines.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
PENNYPIN.BAT 41 34 deflated
PPINBALL.COM 64512 22227 deflated
PPINBALL.DOC 1300 629 deflated

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Contents of the PPINBALL.DOC file

Penny=10 points
Nickel=50 points
Dime=100 points
Quarter=250 points
Dollar=1,000 points

`INS' for left flipper, and `DEL' for right flippers.
Hit shift several times to start a one player game.
To start a multi player game hit shift once and then hit `DEL' once for
every additional player (you automatical have one).
Limit four players.

Current Top 10 score list:
111,560 Tony Fox
109,370 Owen Ozier
107,450 Tony Fox
105,480 Owen Ozier
99,430 Tony Fox
93,980 Tony Fox
85,290 Owen Ozier
77,540 Owen Ozier
51,710 Owen Ozier
51,480 Tony Fox

If you have a score that is higher than one of the scores listed here,
take a snapshot of the screen with the score on it, and mail it to us at
the adress listed below.

If you find this game enjoyable, then a contribution of $5 would be
appreciated. Send it to:

Penny Pinball
C/O Tony Fox
3803 Shelley Lane
Annandale, VA 22003

A high score will entitle you to a free copy of the Champs Pinball Game.
Watch out, it's a toughie.

The contribution (must be at least $5 for this offer), will entitle you
to a copy of the next edition of Penny Pinball II: The Dollar Deluxe.


-Tony Fox and Owen Ozier

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