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MIDI Patch EDitor Librarian for CZ/Yamaha - great!.
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MIDI Patch EDitor Librarian for CZ/Yamaha – great!.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CASIO.DAF 46592 5646 deflated
PEDL.DAF 8192 469 deflated
PEDL.EXE 216048 96777 deflated
PEDL.HLP 48636 21044 deflated
PEDL.OVR 120245 46881 deflated
PEDL.PED 8064 2425 deflated
READ.ME 6350 1879 deflated
YAMAHA.DAF 116736 14421 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Patch EDitor and Librarian - Version 5.51 (December 16, 1989 mep)

This is the PUBLIC DOMAIN RELEASE of PEDL version 5.51.
This version of PEDL has been rewritten using Turbo Pascal 5.5.
The patch file structure and edit screens have been completely
redesigned and expanded. This version now supports ALL data
types for both Casio CZ synthesizers, and Yamaha 4-operator
synthesizers. In addition, it is now easier to add new
synthesizers. Printer functions and many other features have
been added, but there is still no graphic editing. Look
for this in a future version. Finally, there is now a
100 page, computer typeset manual that explains all of the
functions and commands in PEDL and includes a tutorial
and installation instructions.

Version 5.51 of PEDL has been released as Shareware software.
As such, you may freely copy and distribute the SOFTWARE. If
you distribute this software, you must distribute all files on
this disk together.

If you find this software useful, you should register your copy
by filling in the form printed at the end of
this file and sending it, along with $49.95, to:

Michael Potter
448 Cheryl Ave
Los Alamos, NM. 87544

As a registered user, you will be sent the latest version of
the software along with a 100-page, computer typeset manual.
Only registered users are entitled to full bug support.
Bug fixes are not considered major upgrades, and will be
sent free of change. In addition, you will receive announcements
of future versions of PEDL. These upgrades will be available
for a nominal cost.

Files on Disk (in file PEDL55.ARC)

PEDL.EXE - The patch program itself.
PEDL.OVR - The overlay file
PEDL.HLP - The help file
PEDL.DAF - PEDL database and screen file.
CASIO.DAF - CASIO database and screen file.
YAMAHA.DAF - Yamaha database and screen file.
READ.ME - This file (your reading it).
PATCH.PED - Default patch file containing patches for
Casio CZ synthesizers.

System Requirements

IBM-XT, AT, or compatible
DOS 2.1 or higher (3.0 or higher recommended)
Hard disk
Hercules, MCGA, CGA, EGA, or VGA video adapter (EGA/VGA recommended)
Microsoft Mouse or compatible (3 button mouse recommended)
640k memory (at least 400k must be available)
MPU401 MIDI interface or compatible (Music Quest card recommended)
Casio CZ1, CZ101, CZ1000, Yamaha DX21, DX27, DX100, TX81Z, DX11
or compatible synthesizer

Using PEDL

The Shareware version of PEDL can only be used on a Hard Disk system.
The Registered version will work on two floppy drives, although
it will run very slowly. To run PEDL, copy all files on this
distribution disk to a single directory on your hard disk. This
directory should be part of your DOS PATH. Then, just type
PEDL at the DOS prompt. To get online help while running PEDL,
press F1 at any time. Although the program is fairly easy to
use, you will find the manual indispensible in learning all of the
powerful commands within PEDL.


For more information, you can send a message though the mail, on
Compuserve, or on BIX. Be forewarned that I cannot give extensive
help if you are not a registered user.

Michael Potter
448 Cheryl Ave
Los Alamos, NM 87544
CSERV: 72561,1324
bix: mpotter


(Michael Potter, Dec 16th, 1989)

Registration Form

To register, fill out this form and send it, along with $49.95, to
the address given above.

| Last Name First Middle | Age | Sex |
| | | |
| Company |
| |
| Street Address Apt |
| |
| City State Zip |
| |
| Home Phone | Bus Phone |
| | |
| Compuserve | BIX |
| | |
| Computer Type | MIDI Interface |
| | |
| Synthesizers |
| |
| |
| |
| Comments |
| |
| |
| |

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