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PCX2TIS takes a specially laid out PCX file drawn and converts it into a TIS tile set file for use by Mah Jongg -V-G-A-.
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PCX2TIS takes a specially laid out PCX file drawn and converts it into a TIS tile set file for use by Mah Jongg -V-G-A-.
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Contents of the PCX2TIS.DOC file


Copyright 1990 Ron Balewski


Basically, PCX2TIS takes a specially laid out PCX file drawn with
Deluxe Paint II Enhanced (or, hopefully, any PCX paint program) and
converts it into a TIS tile set file for use by Mah Jongg -V-G-A-.


First, start Deluxe Paint in 640x480 16-color mode and load the
BLANKSET.PCX file. Then, draw the tile faces and save the file TO A
DIFFERENT NAME as a PCX file. Finally, move the PCX file into the same
subdirectory as PCX2TIS and type "PCX2TIS filename" where filename is
the name of the PCX file WITHOUT the .PCX extension. When asked, type
in the name of the tile set. That's it. The rest is automatic.


If you'd like, you can customize the edges of the tiles too.
You're not limited to the faces as you are with The Draftsman.

You mustn't move or re-size the tiles, though. They MUST remain
exactly where they are in the template, otherwise they won't be cut out

The tile in the upper right corner of the template is special.
That's a "highlight" tile. Whenever a tile's selected, this tile is
EXCLUSIVE-OR'd with the tile on the screen, thus changing its color.
If you understand what I'm talking about, fine. If not, don't worry
about it. The bottom line is, you can change the way tiles are
highlighted by changing this tile.


PCX2TIS has been written to work properly with PCX files which were
created by Deluxe Paint II Enhanced. It should work with other PCX
paint programs, too, but I won't guarantee it. Sure, PCX is supposed to
be some kind of standard, but I put little faith in standards. I won't
say it'll work until I SEE it work.

For example, I've tried PCX2TIS with the template file modified by
the Windows version of PC Paintbrush. The images themselves were fine,
but the colors were completely incorrect. Neither PCX2TIS nor Deluxe
Paint were able to properly read the color information saved by PC
Paintbrush for Windows.

That's the only other paint program I've tried. PC Paintbrush IV
or other software might work. I have no way of knowing. If this
doesn't work right with your paint program, well, I'm sorry but there's
nothing I can do about it except recommend Deluxe Paint.


This program is released as SHAREWARE. There is no registration
fee for it, though. When you register your copy of Mah Jongg -V-G-A-,
you can consider yourself a registered user of this utility too. I
originally planned to distribute this with the MJVGA package, but found
out that there just wasn't enough room on the disk. So rather than turn
MJVGA into a 2-disk set, I decided to distribute this separately to
those who need it.

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