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Create your own football pools. Pro, college, High school. Great!.
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Create your own football pools. Pro, college, High school. Great!.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AUTOEXEC.BAT 128 21 deflated
GAMES.DAT 6656 892 deflated
MAINT.BAS 20224 7975 deflated
PLAYER.BAS 13184 5811 deflated
PLAYER.DAT 256 55 deflated
POOLER.BAS 8448 4258 deflated
POOLER.DOC 2816 1345 deflated
TEAMS.DAT 1408 496 deflated
WEEKLY.BAS 28416 12318 deflated

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Contents of the POOLER.DOC file

PC-Pooler Copying Information and Program Overview

PC-Pooler is a flexible football pool database management system. It
retains player information, game schedules, and pool results permanently,
and allows the user easy access to modify game or player data. The
user may select from a variety of football pool types. The program sets
up a weekly schedule and prints blank picking forms for players who
are participating in that week's pool. It has a player data-entry section
for entering their picks and printing a "player-pick/game" grid, and
a weekly game maintenance section to update line and/or score information
as it becomes known.

Once all the results are in, the pool "manager" may run the computation
section of the program to find the winner of the weekly pool and print
a list of players sorted by their "scores." There is an option to record
the weekly data in a year-to-date player file. This data may be printed,
again in rank order, to find the seasonal winner(s) of the pool. This
overview of the functions of the program is far from complete, but
one of the features of PC-Pooler is help screens at most levels, and
the best way to get a feel for the program is to just dive in.

To use PC-POOLER, you need to copy the files on this disk to a formatted
disk with DOS and BASICA.COM files already on it. Use the COPY *.* A: command
if you have one drive, or COPY *.* B: if you have two drives.

However, if you are making a copy to give to someone else, the passing of
a DOS disk may violate DOS copyrights unless the recipient already owns
the specific DOS version you are giving him/her. If in doubt, give them
PC-Pooler on a "non-system" disk. In other words, copy this disk exactly
as it is now.

NOTE: Be sure to transfer all PC-Pooler files when making a copy, whether
for yourself or someone else. These files are named:

WEEKLY.BAS POOLER.DOC (this file) (Important!)

If you wish to enter you own schedule from scratch, you needn't copy the
GAMES.DAT or TEAMS.DAT files, but please pass them on to others
as an example of the kind of data the program handles.

To run PC-Pooler, type RUN"POOLER from BASIC. Be sure that the program
disk is in the logged drive, and leave it there for the duration of
the session.

Finally, if you are using the program and finding it of value, your
contribution ($30 suggested) will be appreciated. Contributors will
receive an updated version of the program and the 1985 schedule when
available. Send contributions to:

KARAYBO Associates
Post Office Box 394
Wilmette, Illinois 60091

Thank you, and enjoy PC-Pooler!

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