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Remember the incident in the Introduction where the young
party guest showed up on the wrong day? That's not as far fetched
as it sounds. You'll make it easier on your guests if you remember
to include the following on any invitation you send:

Who's Having The Party
When - Date AND Day of the Week
Start Time and (very important) Finish Time
Address or Location of Party (a map could help)
R.S.V.P. by a certain date for small parties, or
Regrets Only for larger ones
Your Phone Number
(Let parents know if you're serving a meal)

Certainly not required, but helpful if handled tactfully, are
gift suggestions. Who hasn't received calls asking what the
birthday child's interests are? A little note added on to the
bottom of the invitation can make a big difference here such as
"Mike's a real Ninja Turtle Fan" or "Stacy loves water toys!"

Hand out or send invitations ten days to two weeks prior to
the party. That way, if there happens to be a conflicting party on
the same day, you can contact the other parents and, with any luck,

* * *

Homemade invitations are easy and fun to make and the creative
possibilities are endless, making your invitation a one-of-a-kind
treasure! And since the number of invitations required is usually
small, it's worth the effort to create something special. Now
don't tell me you don't have a creative bone in your body. It's
there, believe me, you just have to awaken it!

* * *

A deflated balloon makes a great invitation! Just inflate and
pinch closed. Write invite using a permanent ink felt pen. Give
it a few seconds to dry, then deflate and mail!

If you'd like to hand deliver invites, try an inflated balloon
- just write the invitation on a strip of paper and attach to the
balloon string (or ribbon). If the invitee isn't home, just tie to
the front door handle!

* * *

Send a simple, plain or colored, mardi gras mask along with an
invitation asking kids to decorate the mask in any way they can
imagine (feathers, sequins, glitter, etc.). Have kids wear mask to
the party and have others guess who he or she is! What a great ice

* * *

A mysterious invitation can be "painted" with lemon juice onto
parchment paper. Include separate instructions telling them to
"hold over a candle to make invisible ink reappear."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Included in your Registered Version of CREATIVE PARTIES FOR
KIDS are detailed instructions for creating single & double fold
cards, shaped cards, memorable invites, how to get free help from
a local merchant . . . over a dozen creative invitation ideas!


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Archive   : PARTY.ZIP
Filename : SWTWO.DOC

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