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EGA/VGA Palm-reading.
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EGA/VGA Palm-reading.
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Contents of the PALMEGA.TXT file

An Analyst
V1.0 EGA
Dec. 1988

This program displays a graphic palm and the lines on it with a multiple
choice selection for you to choose from to describe your "hand lines".
The instructions are in the program, just choose "I" at the opening screen.
It outputs to printer only and does not handle batch jobs (only one at a
It is written and compiled in QuickBasic V4.5 with "SCREEN 9" MODE for VGA
or "EGA with MORE than 64K video memory". There is a MONITOR check at the
beginning and will abort if no EGA monitor is found (there are probably
exceptions with all the hardware around).
There are no guarantees or warranties with this software package but.......
If you USE it, the contribution for work put into it is $12.50.

Richard Gozdal
P.O. Box 56513
Chicago Illinois

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