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Mad Painter Game (a PAC MAN variation) where you paint the streets.
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Mad Painter Game (a PAC MAN variation) where you paint the streets.
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Contents of the README file

You have been playing MAD PAINTER! (Demo version)

The registered version includes three unique towns or areas to paint
instead of the demo's single town.

In addition, when you register you will recieve a free copy of
ALPHABOPPER!, a fun learn-to-type game with great graphics.
In ALPHABOPPER!, a spaceship swoops down and fills your computer
keyboard with nasty aliens. You must zap them with your ray gun
by pressing the key they are jumping on. Stunning graphics and
animation. Note- ALPHABOPPER! REQUIRES a VGA card.

To register and recieve the complete MAD PAINTER program along with
the BONUS program ALPHABOPPER! send $10.00 (U.S.) to:
P.O. BOX 1287, JACKSONVILLE, OR, 97530

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