Category : A Collection of Games for DOS and Windows
Archive   : PACDOOM.ZIP
Filename : PACIN.BAT

Output of file : PACIN.BAT contained in archive : PACDOOM.ZIP

rem save original graphics
dmgraph -e TROOA1.ppm TROOA1
dmgraph -e TROOA2A8.ppm TROOA2A8
dmgraph -e TROOA3A7.ppm TROOA3A7
dmgraph -e TROOA4A6.ppm TROOA4A6
dmgraph -e TROOA5.ppm TROOA5
dmgraph -e TROOB1.ppm TROOB1
dmgraph -e TROOB2B8.ppm TROOB2B8
dmgraph -e TROOB3B7.ppm TROOB3B7
dmgraph -e TROOB4B6.ppm TROOB4B6
dmgraph -e TROOB5.ppm TROOB5
dmgraph -e TROOC1.ppm TROOC1
dmgraph -e TROOC2C8.ppm TROOC2C8
dmgraph -e TROOC3C7.ppm TROOC3C7
dmgraph -e TROOC4C6.ppm TROOC4C6
dmgraph -e TROOC5.ppm TROOC5
dmgraph -e TROOD1.ppm TROOD1
dmgraph -e TROOD2D8.ppm TROOD2D8
dmgraph -e TROOD3D7.ppm TROOD3D7
dmgraph -e TROOD4D6.ppm TROOD4D6
dmgraph -e TROOD5.ppm TROOD5
dmgraph -e TROOE1.ppm TROOE1
dmgraph -e TROOE2E8.ppm TROOE2E8
dmgraph -e TROOE3E7.ppm TROOE3E7
dmgraph -e TROOE4E6.ppm TROOE4E6
dmgraph -e TROOE5.ppm TROOE5
dmgraph -e TROOF1.ppm TROOF1
dmgraph -e TROOF2F8.ppm TROOF2F8
dmgraph -e TROOF3F7.ppm TROOF3F7
dmgraph -e TROOF4F6.ppm TROOF4F6
dmgraph -e TROOF5.ppm TROOF5
dmgraph -e TROOG1.ppm TROOG1
dmgraph -e TROOG2G8.ppm TROOG2G8
dmgraph -e TROOG3G7.ppm TROOG3G7
dmgraph -e TROOG4G6.ppm TROOG4G6
dmgraph -e TROOG5.ppm TROOG5
dmgraph -e TROOH1.ppm TROOH1
dmgraph -e TROOH2H8.ppm TROOH2H8
dmgraph -e TROOH3H7.ppm TROOH3H7
dmgraph -e TROOH4H6.ppm TROOH4H6
dmgraph -e TROOH5.ppm TROOH5
dmgraph -e TROOI0.ppm TROOI0
dmgraph -e TROOJ0.ppm TROOJ0
dmgraph -e TROOK0.ppm TROOK0
dmgraph -e TROOL0.ppm TROOL0
dmgraph -e TROOM0.ppm TROOM0
dmgraph -e TROON0.ppm TROON0
dmgraph -e TROOO0.ppm TROOO0
rem save original sounds
rem dmaud 20 -q -e orig20.wav
rem dmaud 21 -q -e orig21.wav
dmaud 30 -q -e orig30.wav
dmaud 31 -q -e orig31.wav
dmaud 40 -q -e orig40.wav
dmaud 41 -q -e orig41.wav
dmaud 45 -q -e orig45.wav

rem store new graphics
dmgraph -s pac00101.ppm TROOA1
dmgraph -s pac00102.ppm TROOA2A8
dmgraph -s pac00103.ppm TROOA3A7
dmgraph -s pac00104.ppm TROOA4A6
dmgraph -s pac00105.ppm TROOA5
dmgraph -s pac01117.ppm TROOB1
dmgraph -s pac01118.ppm TROOB2B8
dmgraph -s pac01119.ppm TROOB3B7
dmgraph -s pac01120.ppm TROOB4B6
dmgraph -s pac01121.ppm TROOB5
dmgraph -s pac02125.ppm TROOC1
dmgraph -s pac02126.ppm TROOC2C8
dmgraph -s pac02127.ppm TROOC3C7
dmgraph -s pac02128.ppm TROOC4C6
dmgraph -s pac02129.ppm TROOC5
dmgraph -s pac01117.ppm TROOD1
dmgraph -s pac01118.ppm TROOD2D8
dmgraph -s pac01119.ppm TROOD3D7
dmgraph -s pac01120.ppm TROOD4D6
dmgraph -s pac01121.ppm TROOD5
dmgraph -s pac00101.ppm TROOE1
dmgraph -s pac00102.ppm TROOE2E8
dmgraph -s pac00103.ppm TROOE3E7
dmgraph -s pac00104.ppm TROOE4E6
dmgraph -s pac00105.ppm TROOE5
dmgraph -s pac149.ppm TROOF1
dmgraph -s pac00102.ppm TROOF2F8
dmgraph -s pac00103.ppm TROOF3F7
dmgraph -s pac00104.ppm TROOF4F6
dmgraph -s pac00105.ppm TROOF5
dmgraph -s pac05.ppm TROOG1
dmgraph -s pac00102.ppm TROOG2G8
dmgraph -s pac00103.ppm TROOG3G7
dmgraph -s pac00104.ppm TROOG4G6
dmgraph -s pac00105.ppm TROOG5
dmgraph -s pac03.ppm TROOH1
dmgraph -s pac00102.ppm TROOH2H8
dmgraph -s pac00103.ppm TROOH3H7
dmgraph -s pac00104.ppm TROOH4H6
dmgraph -s pac00105.ppm TROOH5
dmgraph -s pac06.ppm TROOI0
dmgraph -s pac07.ppm TROOJ0
dmgraph -s pac08.ppm TROOK0
dmgraph -s pac09.ppm TROOL0
dmgraph -s pac146.ppm TROOM0
dmgraph -s pac150.ppm TROON0
dmgraph -s pac151.ppm TROOO0
rem store new sounds
rem dmaud 20 -q -s pac06.wav
rem dmaud 21 -q -s pac06.wav
dmaud 30 -q -s pac05.wav
dmaud 31 -q -s pac05.wav
dmaud 40 -q -s pac07.wav
dmaud 41 -q -s pac07.wav
dmaud 45 -q -s pac05.wav