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Since omega's dungeon is quite large, only the current dungeon level
and the city level will be saved; others will be regenerated as you
re-enter them. You might simply consider that the "actual" levels are
far larger than is apparent, and you are just traversing a different
part on each restore.... If you know the spell of Return, however,
(learnable at the Explorers' Club) you will be able to warp to your
deepest excursion in the most recently entered dungeon without having
to retraverse the old levels in between. Some other shortcuts exist
for "warping" from one locale or level to another.

Games can be restored by giving the save file as a command line argument
as in:

% omega quasar.sav

To at least simulate the continuity of character in the game, saved
files will be unlinked on restoration. Of course, you *can* copy them.

Save files are automatically compressed unless the flag
COMPRESS_SAVE_FILES is undefined in odefs.h. This doubles the amount
of time taken to save, but reduces the typical save file from 150K to