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"OilCap" Pipedreams type game (Version 5.0). Requires VGA and mouse.
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“OilCap” Pipedreams type game (Version 5.0). Requires VGA and mouse.
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Contents of the OILCAP.DOC file


Program by William Soleau March 1991
Requires Mouse and EGA Graphics Card

Version 5.0


Welcome to Oil Cap....

The game Oil Cap pits you against the clock as you try to
create links which will allow the oil to flow freely, once it
starts to begin oozing from the rocks. The game board is a 11 x 8
At the start of each level, there will be a starting square.
It will be obvious, however it does say "Start" on it. It is from
this grid that the oil will begin to flow once the clock timer
gets to 0:00. At the bottom of the screen (below the game board),
you will see four blocks of links. Your mouse cursor will be on
the forth one across. This is the present link to be placed.
Select that link by pressing the left button on your mouse. The
link will then disappear, and your cursor will now be visible on
the game board. You must remember what that link looked like
because you won't be able to see it again until you place it on
board. Simply find the grid with your mouse where you want to
to put the link. Press the left button again and it will then be
placed there.
Once you place the link, the other pieces below will move over
one, and the process is repeated until the oil starts to flow and
runs out of links to pass through. You can still place links on
the game board even while the oil is flowing. Don't let the oil
run out of links or that level will end and the score will be

Note * See added features for version 5.0 / allowing you to speed
up the oil once you've finished placing all your links at
the end of these directions.

Special Links

There are many special links which you can use to increase
your score. Bonus links sometimes appear on the grid board. Each
one of these has either 100/200/500/1000 points written on it.
If you can make the oil pass through these links, that number will
be added to your total at the end of the round. Also you will
find special 50 point link's that occasionally will come along
to be placed by you. These links are very squiggly. This makes
the oil spend more time getting through them, thus giving you
valuable time, racing to keep ahead of the gushing oil.

You cannot place links on any black grid or the starting
grid. Also once the oil starts to flow, and has passed through
a link, it also cannot be replaced by a new link. You ARE allowed
to place a link on top of an existing link, however there will be
a time delay of 4 or 5 seconds in which you will have to wait
before you can continue to lay links. Therefore place your links
carefully and think ahead. By looking at the links that are
coming up, you can figure out just where to place the link to the
best advantage. Certain links are built like this (+) which means
that the oil can either pass down through it or across it. If
you can get the oil to pass through itself, then 100 points will
be added to you score. If you can get 4/8/12/16 crosses of oil,
you also get bonus points. (see scoring)

At some levels, there will be a floating black grid that will
move around the board each time you select a link to place. It
sometimes will appear in the place you might want to put your
present link... get the idea! (you'll have to wait until your
next selection to make it move)

Oil Rigs

At certain levels there will be a Oil Rig on the game board.
No matter what, you must make the flowing oil end up there, or
the game will be over. You get an extra 100 points to do this.

The round will end once the oil has found it cannot continue
to flow. The points will be then be totaled up. For each link
not used, it will deduct 60 points from your score. To continue
onto the next level you must have at least a certain number of
points, which is calculated as follows.

(your present score)+ 200 + ( Level*20 )

Therefore at level 1, you need at least 220 points in order to
go to the next level. The score you need to reach for the next
level will be shown at the bottom of the screen, along with
your present score and the level. On the right hand side of your
screen, there is a special box marked crosses, which will keep
track of how many times you got the oil to cross itself during
game play.

The game will end if you do not reach your total needed for
continuation of play, or if there is an Oil Rig present on the
grid board and you did not end the flow of oil there, no matter
how many points you scored. Remember! If you see a Oil Rig on
the game board, YOU MUST END THERE! or the game will end.


On the upper right hand side of the board will be the clock.
At the beginning, you will have 40 seconds to place your links
before the oils starts to flow. At the higher levels, the clock
will only give you 35 then 30...25 etc....
The speed of the oil flow will increase at level 7.

NOTE: For 33mhz Computers Only or Real Cheaters

If you have anything under a 33mhz computer the game will set
the proper speed. If you find that it is too fast, then create
a special file called OILCAP.SPD and put 0 in the file.
To do this:
At the Dos prompt type -> COPY CON OILCAP.SPD (enter)
type -> 0 (enter)


50 point links = 50 points
100 point links = 100 points
200 point links = 200 points
500 point links = 500 points
1000 point links = 1000 points

4 oil crosses = 1000 points
8 oil crosses = 3000 points
12 oil crosses = 5000 points
16+ oil crosses = 10000 points

Oil Rig = 100 points

Unused link = minus 60
Unused Oil Rig = Game over

Bonus Rounds

Every 10000 points, you will get a special bonus round. You
don't have to worry about reaching any score to continue. All
points you acquire, will be added to you score. Unused links will
not be subtracted, so the bonus round can only increase your

* Version 5.0 New Feature *

Speeding up oil when links are placed

If you have placed all your links down and are just waiting for the
oil to finish running through the pipes, just press the
to speed oil to its destination. This will eliminate the waiting
time while the oil flows through your links.

*** Conclusion ***

Upon the ending of the game, your score will be compared to
the top 10 high scores. If you are within the top ten, you will
be recorded as such. This version has a total of 12 levels, for
unlimited levels see the Upgrade details below.

*** Enjoy ***

Upgrade Description

The details on how to upgrade the program are provided
at the closing screen. With the registration of your game,
you have access to as many levels as you can reach. Past
level 12, things start to get more difficult. The pieces which
you see at the bottom of the screen, will be reduced from 4 to
3 to 2... thus making it harder to plan ahead. There are
quite a number of challenges at the higher levels, especially
as the countdown clock speeds up. So for more details see
closing screen.

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