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Very nice Off-Road racing game, similiar to Moon Patrol.
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Very nice Off-Road racing game, similiar to Moon Patrol.
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OFFROAD, the desert racing game, by Monte Variakojis of MONTSOFT,
is an exciting simulation of off-road racing. You control a
four-wheel-drive truck in a race across the desert.

The game has eight levels of play. As you complete one level you
gain access to the next. Each level has its own set of obstacles
and dangers.

Use the cursor keys and the space bar to control your 4WD vehicle
and to fire at obstacles. A list of the keys and their actions
appears when you start the program.

System Requirements

OFFROAD will run on any IBM-compatible PC with at least 128K of
memory. When the program begins, select the correct type of PC,
by speed, from the menu. The program requires a CGA card or
compatible graphics adapter. It runs fine on most EGA systems as

Installing OFFROAD

To install OFFROAD, simply copy the file OFFROAD.EXE to a floppy
disk or to the games directory on your hard disk.


Run the program by giving the command: OFFROAD at the DOS
prompt. When the program runs, you'll see instructions and
commands on the screen. To exit from OFFROAD, just press .

OFFROAD is a shareware program. If you like it, consider
registering your copy. The registration fee is $15. Help
encourage the author to produce more exciting programs by
registering your version. Send your registration fee to:

Monte Variakojis
P.O. Box 4426
Orange, CA 92613-4426

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