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A collection of 10 logic game puzzles.
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A collection of 10 logic game puzzles.
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NL1.EXE 89818 45610 deflated
NL2.EXE 104478 47820 deflated
NL3.EXE 99194 47407 deflated
NL_ORDER.DOC 1204 462 deflated
OTHER.DOC 2367 950 deflated

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Contents of the NL_ORDER.DOC file

Numbers & Logic Registration

Disk containing entire Numbers & Logic $ 18.00 _________
series (10 different puzzles) and a
manual giving hints on how to solve
the puzzles

Disk size (please select one):

a. 3.5 inch disk ______

b. 5.25 inch disk ______

Extra postage (if not mailing from + $ 1.00 _________
North America)

Total _________

Your name & address: _______________________




Please help me with some research on shareware marketing for my own
personal use:

1. Where did you get this copy of Numbers & Logic?

2. Suggestions for new puzzles or improvements?

Please mail your registration to:

David Burns
Department NL
P.O. Box 46065
Washington, DC 20050 USA


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