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Latest version of Tron Light Cycles. Reworked by author.
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Latest version of Tron Light Cycles. Reworked by author.
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Documentation for

NOVATRON is a PD version of on aspect of the arcade game of
TRON where you drive your car quickly zig-zagging, creating a
barrier trail behind you. Your opponent (the game) does the same
thing. Your object is to box your opponent in so that it cannot
get out and will crash against the wall. This program was written
by VeriSoft Works, 313 W. Rosal, Chandler AZ. 85224.

To start: Type NOVATRON.

You will then see the main menu displayed. Choose which level
of play you want to execute:

1 = Beginner with sound
A = Beginner without sound
2 = Normal with sound
B = Normal without sound
3 = Advanced with sound
C = Advanced without sound

After you make your selection, press the space bar to

The folowing keys are used throught the game:

INS = Left turn
DEL = Right turn
F10 = Go Faster
F9 = Normalize speed
ESC = Ends the game


You will have to try to have your opponent destroy itself. As
you go up in levels, more and more opponents will appear, and
the game will execute faster and faster. If you destroy
yourself 3 times in a row, you lose and the game is over.

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