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SVGA Game Of Tetris.
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SVGA Game Of Tetris.
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Contents of the NOTRUS.TXT file

Subha Ghoshal Notrus John Stephens

(C)Copyright John Stephens and Subha Ghoshal 1991-1992


Notrus is an intense arcade game invlvoing strategic placement of
falling blocks. The goal of Notrus is to clear as many lines as
possible, and of course, to obtain the highest score. The game ends
when the blocks stack up to the top.

The 'NOT'

When four lines are cleared simultaneously the player receives a 'NOT'.
For each 'NOT', a notch is cut out of the border on each side, starting
from the bottom. This represents the number of 'NOT's obtained by the
player. When the player clears four more lines simultaneously after
previously receiving a 'NOT' but before clearing any other lines, the
player is awarded with a double 'NOT', two 'NOT's.

The 'NOT' is used to clear lines. When activated, each 'NOT' clears its
respective line. All 'NOT's are activated simultaneously. If the blocks
reach the top, normally ending the game, the 'NOT's will activate

General Tips

o More points are obtained by dropping pieces from a higher position.
o A good foundation will assist the player in clearing many lines.
o The power of the 'NOT' is revealed at higher levels.

Keyboard (Note: Num Lock should be on in this evaluation version.)

2 or SPACE Drop
4 Left
5 Rotate
6 Right
8 Next Level
ENTER Activate 'NOT's
ESC Title Screen (from game)
Quit (from title screen)
Q Quit (from game)
R Restart


Registering Notrus entitles the owner to free upgrades. The registered
version of Notrus has more animation and no registration screens.

Registration is $10 plus shipping and media costs ($5). Send a check
or money order of $15 or more to:

John Stephens
383 Diablo Road - Suite 100
Danville, CA 94526

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