Category : A Collection of Games for DOS and Windows
Archive   : NH313386.ZIP
Filename : OPTHELP

Output of file : OPTHELP contained in archive : NH313386.ZIP
Boolean options available in all versions (with default values in []):

autopickup automatically pick up objects you move over [TRUE]
confirm ask before hitting tame or peaceful monsters [TRUE]
DECgraphics use DEC/VT line-drawing characters for the dungeon [FALSE]
(fe)male sex of the player (may only be set on startup) [MALE]
fixinv try to retain the same letter for the same object [TRUE]
help print all available info when using the / command [TRUE]
IBMgraphics use IBM extended characters for the dungeon [FALSE]
ignintr ignore interrupt signal, including breaks [FALSE]
legacy print introductory message [TRUE]
lit_corridor show a dark corridor as lit if in sight [FALSE]
null allow nulls to be sent to your terminal [TRUE]
try turning this option off (forcing NetHack to use its own
delay code) if moving objects seem to teleport across rooms
number_pad use the number keys to move instead of yuhjklbn [FALSE]
rest_on_space count the space bar as a rest character [FALSE]
safe_pet prevent you from (knowingly) attacking your pet(s) [TRUE]
silent don't use your terminal's bell sound [TRUE]
sortpack group similar kinds of objects in inventory [TRUE]
standout use standout mode for --More-- on messages [FALSE]
time display elapsed game time, in moves [FALSE]
tombstone print tombstone when you die [TRUE]
verbose print more commentary during the game [TRUE]

There are further boolean options that exist in some versions of NetHack
3.1. (You can learn which options exist in your version by checking your
current option setting, which is reached via the 'O' cmd.)

Boolean option if INSURANCE was set at compile time:
checkpoint save game state after each level change, for possible [TRUE]
recovery after program crash

Boolean option if NEWS was set at compile time:
news print any news from game administrator on startup [TRUE]

Boolean options if DGK was set at compile time:
BIOS allow the use of IBM ROM BIOS calls [FALSE]
rawio allow the use of raw I/O (may only be set on startup) [FALSE]

Boolean option if EXP_ON_BOTL was set at compile time:
showexp display your accumulated experience points [FALSE]

Boolean option if SCORE_ON_BOTL was set at compile time:
showscore display your approximate accumulated score [FALSE]

Boolean options if TEXTCOLOR was set at compile time:
color use different colors for objects on screen [TRUE for micros]
hilite_pet if color is FALSE, display pets in a highlighted way [FALSE]

Any Boolean option can be negated by prefixing it with a '!' or 'no'.

Compound options are written as option_name:option_value.

Compound options which can be set during the game are:

disclose the types of information you want offered at the end of the
game [all]
fruit the name of a fruit you enjoy eating [slime mold]
(basically a whimsy which NetHack uses from time to time).
packorder a list of default symbols for kinds of objects that gives the
order in which your pack will be displayed [")[%?+!=/(*`0_]
(If you specify only some kinds of items, the others from the
default order will be appended to the end.)
pickup_types a list of default symbols for kinds of objects to autopickup
when that option is on [all]
scores the parts of the score list you wish to see when the game ends
You choose a combination of top scores, scores around the top
scores, and all of your own scores. [!own/3 top/2 around]

Compound options which may be set only on startup are:

catname the name of your first cat [NONE]
dogname the name of your first dog [NONE]
graphics a list of symbols to be used in place of the default ones for
drawing the dungeon.
The symbols are subjected to a fair amount of processing, so
that you can use C-style escapes such as \n or \081 as well as
indicate control characters by ^x or meta characters by \Mx.
As usual, \ can force the next character to be taken literally.
Since many of the default symbols are overloaded, they are
given here by name instead of symbol, with some added notes:
stone (solid rock, normally ' ')
vwall hwall tlcorn trcorn blcorn brcorn (room boundaries)
crwall tuwall tdwall tlwall trwall (wallified maze characters)
nodoor vodoor hodoor (no, vertical, horizontal open door)
vcdoor hcdoor (vertical, horizontal closed door)
room darkcorr litcorr upstair dnstair upladder dnladder

trap web altar throne sink fountain pool ice lava
vodbridge hodbridge (vertical, horizontal open drawbridge)
vcdbridge hcdbridge (vertical, horizontal closed drawbridge)
air cloud water
vbeam hbeam lslant rslant (generic zap beams)
digbeam flashbeam (special beams for digging and cameras)
boomleft boomright (boomerangs)
ss1 ss2 ss3 ss4 (shielding sequence)
sw_topl, sw_topm, sw_topr, (swallow, top row)
sw_midl, sw_midr, (swallow, middle row [no center])
sw_botl, sw_botm, sw_botr (swallow, bottom row)
extl extm extr (explosion matrix top row)
exml exmm exmr (explosion matrix middle row)
exbl exbm exbr (explosion matrix bottom row)
monsters like graphics, but for monster symbols
default: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
msghistory number of top line messages to save [20]
name the name of your character [obtained by asking the system or
the player]
objects like graphics, but for object symbols
default: ])[="(%!?+/$*`0_.
pettype your preferred type of pet (cat or dog), if your character
class uses both types [RANDOM]
windowtype windowing system to be used [depends on operating system]

Some sample options lists are:
!autopickup,!tombstone,name:Gandalf,scores:own/3 top/2 around
female,nonews,dogname:Rover,graphics: |--------|||-\\/+.#.<><>\^\"_\\#{}

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Archive   : NH313386.ZIP
Filename : OPTHELP

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