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Behold, mortal, the origins of NetHack...

Jay Fenlason wrote the original Hack with help from Kenny Woodland,
Mike Thome, and Jon Payne.

Andries Brouwer did a major re-write, transforming Hack into a very different
game, and published (at least) three versions (1.0.1, 1.0.2, and 1.0.3) for
UNIX(tm) machines to the Usenet.

Don G. Kneller ported Hack 1.0.3 to Microsoft(tm) C and MS-DOS(tm), producing
PC HACK 1.01e, added support for DEC Rainbow graphics in version 1.03g, and
went on to produce at least four more versions (3.0, 3.2, 3.51, and 3.6).

R. Black ported PC HACK 3.51 to Lattice(tm) C and the Atari 520/1040ST,
producing ST Hack 1.03.

Mike Stephenson merged these various versions back together, incorporating
many of the added features, and produced NetHack version 1.4. He then
coordinated a cast of thousands in enhancing and debugging NetHack 1.4 and
released NetHack versions 2.2 and 2.3.

Later, Mike coordinated a major rewrite of the game, heading a team which
included Ken Arromdee, Jean-Christophe Collet, Steve Creps, Eric Hendrickson,
Izchak Miller, Eric S. Raymond, John Rupley, Mike Threepoint, and Janet Walz,
to produce NetHack 3.0c. The same group subsequently released ten patch-
level revisions and updates of 3.0.

NetHack 3.0 was ported to the Atari by Eric R. Smith, to OS/2 by Timo
Hakulinen, and to VMS by David Gentzel. The three of them and Kevin Darcy
later joined the main development team to produce subsequent revisions of

Olaf Seibert ported NetHack 2.3 and 3.0 to the Amiga. Norm Meluch, Stephen
Spackman and Pierre Martineau designed overlay code for PC NetHack 3.0.
Johnny Lee ported NetHack 3.0 to the Macintosh. Along with various other
Dungeoneers, they continued to enhance the PC, Macintosh, and Amiga ports
through the later revisions of 3.0.

Headed by Mike Stephenson and coordinated by Izchak Miller and Janet Walz,
the development team which now included Ken Arromdee, David Cohrs,
Jean-Christophe Collet, Kevin Darcy, Matt Day, Timo Hakulinen, Steve Linhart,
Dean Luick, Pat Rankin, Eric Raymond, and Eric Smith undertook a radical
revision of 3.0. They re-structured the game's design, and re-wrote major
parts of the code. They added multiple dungeons, a new display, special
individual character quests, a new endgame and many other new features, and
produced NetHack 3.1.

Ken Lorber, Gregg Wonderly and Greg Olson, with help from Richard Addison,
Mike Passaretti, and Olaf Seibert, developed NetHack 3.1 for the Amiga.

Norm Meluch and Kevin Smolkowski, with help from Carl Schelin, Stephen
Spackman, Steve VanDevender, and Paul Winner, ported NetHack 3.1 to the PC.

Jon W{tte and Hao-yang Wang, with help from Ross Brown, Mike Engber, David
Hairston, Michael Hamel, Jonathan Handler, Johnny Lee, Tim Lennan, Rob Menke,
and Andy Swanson developed NetHack 3.1 for the Macintosh, porting it for
MPW. Building on their development, Barton House added a Think C port.

Timo Hakulinen ported NetHack 3.1 to OS/2. Eric Smith ported NetHack 3.1
to the Atari. Pat Rankin, with help from Joshua Delahunty, is responsible
for the VMS version of NetHack 3.1. Michael Allison ported NetHack 3.1 to
Windows NT.

Dean Luick, with help from David Cohrs, developed NetHack 3.1 for X11.

- - - - - - - - - -

From time to time, some depraved individual out there in netland sends a
particularly intriguing modification to help out with the game. The Gods of
the Dungeon sometimes make note of the names of the worst of these miscreants
in this, the list of Dungeoneers:

Richard Addison Eric Hendrickson Mike Passaretti
Michael Allison Bruce Holloway Pat Rankin
Tom Almy Barton House Eric S. Raymond
Ken Arromdee Richard P. Hughey Frederick Roeber
Eric Backus Ari Huttunen John Rupley
John S. Bien John Kallen Carl Schelin
Ralf Brown Del Lamb Olaf Seibert
Ross Brown Greg Laskin Kevin Sitze
David Cohrs Johnny Lee Eric R. Smith
Jean-Christophe Collet Tim Lennan Kevin Smolkowski
Steve Creps Merlyn LeRoy Michael Sokolov
Kevin Darcy Steve Linhart Stephen Spackman
Matthew Day Ken Lorber Andy Swanson
Joshua Delahunty Dean Luick Kevin Sweet
Bill Dyer Benson I. Margulies Scott R. Turner
Mike Engber Pierre Martineau Steve VanDevender
Jochen Erwied Roland McGrath Janet Walz
Mike Gallop Norm Meluch Hao-yang Wang
David Gentzel Rob Menke Jon W{tte
Mark Gooderum Deron Meranda Tom West
David Hairston Bruce Mewborne Paul Winner
Timo Hakulinen Izchak Miller Gregg Wonderly
Michael Hamel Gil Neiger
Jonathan Handler Greg Olson

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Archive   : NH313386.ZIP
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