Category : A Collection of Games for DOS and Windows
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Filename : HH

Output of file : HH contained in archive : NH313386.ZIP
y k u 7 8 9 Move commands:
\|/ \|/ yuhjklbn: go one step in specified direction
h-.-l 4-.-6 YUHJKLBN: go in specified direction until you
/|\ /|\ hit a wall or run into something
b j n 1 2 3 g: run in direction until something
numberpad interesting is seen
G, same, except a branching corridor isn't
^: considered interesting
m: move without picking up objects
If the number_pad option is set, the number keys move instead.

General commands:
? help display one of several informative texts
Q quit end the game
S save save the game (to be continued later)
! sh escape to some SHELL (if allowed)
^Z suspend suspend the game (independent of your current suspend char)
O options set options
/ whatis tell what a map symbol represents
\ known display list of what's been discovered
v version display version number
V history display game history
X explore switch the game to explore (discovery) mode
^A again redo the previous command (^A denotes the keystroke CTRL-A)
^R redraw redraw the screen
^P prevmsg repeat previous message (subsequent ^P's repeat earlier ones)
# introduces an extended command (#? for a list of them)

Game commands:
^D kick kick (a door, or something else)
^T 'port teleport (if you can)
a apply apply or use a tool (pick-axe, key, camera, etc.)
A armor take off all armor
c close close a door
C call name an individual monster (ex. baptize your dog)
d drop drop an object. d7a: drop seven items of object 'a'
D Drop drop selected types of objects
e eat eat something
E engrave write a message in the dust on the floor (E- use fingers)
i invent list your inventory (all objects you are carrying)
I Invent list selected parts of your inventory
Iu: list unpaid objects
Ix: list unpaid but used up items
I$: count your money
o open open a door
p pay pay your bill (in a shop)
P puton put on an accessory (ring, amulet, etc)
q quaff drink a potion
r read read a scroll or spell book
R remove remove an accessory (ring, amulet, etc)
s search search for secret doors, hidden traps and monsters
t throw throw or shoot a weapon
T takeoff take off some armor
w wield wield a weapon (w- wield nothing)
W wear put on some armor
x spells list the spells you know
z zap zap a wand
Z Zap cast a spell
< up go up the stairs
> down go down the stairs
^ trap_id identify a previously found trap
),[,=,",( ask for current items of specified symbol in use
$ gold count your gold
+ spells list the spells you know
. rest wait a moment
, pickup pick up all you can carry
@ toggle "pickup" (auto pickup) option on and off
: look look at what is here
; farlook look at what is somewhere else by selecting a map symbol

Keyboards that have a meta key can also use these extended commands
via the meta modifier instead of the # prefix:

M-a adjust adjust inventory letters
M-c chat talk to someone
M-d dip dip an object into something
M-f force force a lock
M-i invoke invoke an object's special powers
M-j jump jump to another location
M-l loot loot a box on the floor
M-m monster use a monster's special ability (only if defined)
M-n name name an item or type of object
M-o offer offer a sacrifice to the gods
M-p pray pray to the gods for help
M-r rub rub a lamp
M-s sit sit down
M-t turn turn undead
M-u untrap untrap something (usually a trapped object)
M-v version print compile time options for this version
M-w wipe wipe off your face

If the "number_pad" option is on, these additional variants are available:

n followed by number of times to repeat the next command
j jump jump to another location
k kick kick something (usually a door)
l loot loot a box on the floor
N name name an item or type of object
u untrap untrap something (usually a trapped object)

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Archive   : NH313386.ZIP
Filename : HH

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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