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NFL game prediction program for 1991.
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NFL game prediction program for 1991.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Copyright (c) 1991 Thomas C. Kerr
All Rights Reserved.

Kerr Enterprises distributes NFL_1991 with an interesting marketing
approach involving Shareware. Two versions of the product are avail-
able at this point in time. The shareware version provides the latest
version of the software, but implements only the first eight weeks
of the 1991 NFL regular season. You must register for the rest. It
will allow you to evaluate the full potential and utility of the
software. Hopefully, the program will interest you enough that you
will want to register. NFL_1991 provides the same software program,
but comes with data files containing the full 1991 NFL regular season
game schedule. Both initial databases reflect team ratings as of
Superbowl XXV completion in January, 1991.

The shareware version of the NFL_1991 program, downloaded from
any bulletin board system, and data files may be freely copied and
shared. I ask you to help me distribute this version by sharing
UNMODIFIED copies of the shareware diskette with others. I also
encourage you to register your copy. You'll find the necessary
registration form at the end of this file. Thank you for your
support. I hope you enjoy the program.

1.0 Registration

Shareware is a term for software that can be freely copied and
shared. The term describes copyrighted software which the author
supports and encourages people to copy and share.

I encourage you to register your copy of the NFL_1991 program.
Registration offers the following benefits to you:

1. Serialized diskette containing the NFL_1991 program, the
entire 1991 NFL game schedule and all supporting data files.
2. Telephone and/or bulletin board support.
3. Right to purchase annual updates as the 1992, 1993, ... NFL
game schedules evolve for a minimal fee of $5.00 US. The minimal
fee covers the cost of the floppy diskette, the floppy
mailer, the label, postage, and the actual update preparation.

2.0 Support Services

You may call, write, or use one of the two supported commercial
services (both CompuServe and GENIE) to obtain support and
assistance. Unless the problem is relatively complex, you will
get the best results by calling. Electronic mailboxes are NOT
checked on daily basis, but are a very effective way of com-
municating. Electronic mailboxes are great for relating problems
receiving work-arounds and/or problem specific updates. If you
write, please include a phone number and the times when you will
be available. My response to written questions is much slower,
but I do give priority to overseas users.

With reference to calls, if I do not call back, please remember
that about 20% of my call backs do not get completed because of
faulty phone numbers, unanswered, or busy phones. If I have not
called back within 1 business day, call me again. Frequent,
difficult to reach, or foreign callers can expect "person to
person" collect return calls.

3.0 Electronic Support

Electronic support is provided on both GENIE and CompuServe.
You are strongly advised to obtain a USER ID on at least one
of these services as no other form of electronic support will
be provided.

On GENIE, you can leave mail addressed to T.KERR1. Mail messages
are answered as soon as possible. If you need information on
obtaining a GENIE account you can call GENIE toll free at

CompuServe electronic correspondence is limited to EMAIL. Our
EMAIL ID is [75140,3326]. SIG(s) are also occasionally checked
for messages but should not be considered a vehicle for effective
communication to Kerr Enterprises. If you are a CompuServe user and
you need to reach me, use EMAIL. EMAIL messages are answered
as soon as possible. If you need information on obtaining a
CompuServe account you can call CompuServe toll free at

4.0 General Information

NFL_1991 can be run from any disk drive - hard or floppy - and
from any directory or subdirectory - as long as all files are

The distribution includes the following files:

nfl.exe - the NFL_1991 software program

nfl.dat - the current database file containing the game
schedule as well as statistical parameters for
all the NFL teams file used to reinitialize nfl.dat back to
beginning of 1991 season

nfl90.dat- nfl.dat at end of 1990 season after Superbowl XXV
had been played. To review last season, save the
current file "nfl.dat" and rename "nfl90.dat" to
"nfl.dat". Just be sure to restore the original
when you're ready to play 1991 again.

nfl.doc - User's Guide for NFL_1991 - this file containing Registration form

nfl.pif - Windows 3.0 PIF file
nfl.ico - Lame icon for Windows 3.0


Thomas C. Kerr
5348 Black Oak Dr.
Fairfax, VA 22032

Name: _______________________________________

Address: _______________________________________


City, State, Zip: _______________________________________

Country: _______________________________________

Phone: _______________________________________

___ NFL_1991 @ $19.95 USD $________._____

___ Shipping (USA) $2.00 USD $________._____

___ Shipping (outside USA) $3.00 USD $________._____

* Virginia Sales Tax @ 4.5 % $________._____ *
(applicable to VA residents only)

TOTAL -------------------------> $________._____

All funds must be in US Dollars. Personal and company checks
accepted. All checks must be drawn against a US Bank and payable
in US Dollars.

Registered users are entitled to purchase an annual upgrade,
containing next years' NFL regular season schedule for a minimal
fee designed to cover only the cost of preparing a new diskette
and shipping it to you. The NFL typically comes out with 199x
schedule around April 15, 199x, about 6 weeks after the NFL owners
spring meeting. The annual update fee is only $5.00; that includes
shipping, handling, the floppy, the mailer, etc.

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