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Football tracking program. Helps project the winning team.
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Football tracking program. Helps project the winning team.
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Contents of the NFLSCR.DOC file

NFL ScoreKeeper
Version 2.0
Release Date: August 15, 1991
Copyright (c) 1989, 1991 John Hamm

VGA colour required

I make no warranty of any kind, express or implied, including without
limitation, any warranties of merchantability and/or fitness for a
particular purpose. I shall not be liable for any damages, whether direct,
indirect, special or consequential arising from a failure of this program
to operate in the manner desired by the user. I shall not be liable for any
damage to data or property which may be caused directly or indirectly by
the use of this program.

In no event will I be liable to you for any damages, including any lost
profits, lost savings or other incidental or consequential damages
arising out of your use or inability to use the program, or for any claim
by any other party.

For Fun
This program is meant to be use for entertainment purposes only. This
program is specifically NOT intended to be used for gambling. The
compiled statistics are a statement of history and have no predictive
value. Where the program states a team 'should' win it is basing this
judgement on a very simplistic formula and it is not saying the team
WILL win.

New Version
Version 2 is generally more robust than earlier versions thanks to the
fine programming tools provided by TurboPower Software. In particular
their B-Tree Filer utilities and Turbo Professional. (For those who know
about these things, a re-write in OPro was considered but will have to
wait for a future release.)

New features include:
- support for the 17 week schedule.
- better graphics (but limited to VGA color).
- any year's data file.
- rebuild function for corrupted indexes.
- data export to spreadsheet or dBase files (registered version).
- better Browse function.
- new look.
- new copyright.

Files Included
NFL1991.MEM - all these files should be in their own subdirectory or
on a floppy disk.

NFLSCR.DOC - this file. Not necessary for program to run.

also, once you start updating data a new file...
will appear. This keeps track of the year you are working with.

How to Start
Start by typing NFL , press any key to get past the copyright
screen. In the upper right corner will be an indication of the currently
active year - probably, 1990. Explore 1990 statistics with the 'View'
and 'Chart' menus.

To switch to another season, for example the 1991/92 season, chose
'Other' and 'Set Year'. Type '1991' or just press since that
is the currently the default response.

This program requires a VGA color monitor.

Printer support is for the Epson RX series. The only special effect is
bold, if your printer chokes on reports let me know the control codes to
set and unset bold on your printer and I'll customize a copy for you
(registered users only). I know there should be a printer configuration
option - maybe next release...

Requires around 400K of normal memory.

Use Monday's 'USA Today' or some other source to get the results
of each game. Highlight 'Update' and press .

Enter the week number including the '0' if the week number is less
than 10, eg. '03' for week three. The default week number '01' will
vanish when you type the first number.

Enter scores, net yards rushed, net yards passed in the fields provided.
Press the key and the key at the same time to save data
for that game. The next game will appear. Keep entering until your done.
Press and then to finish. A message will tell you
that the 'in memory' version of the data is being updated.

Fix Mistakes
You can see your entries by choosing 'Browse' and scrolling around as you
wish. If you find a mistake, note the game number. Press to get out
of 'Browse', choose 'Other' and then 'Modify Game' enter the previously
noted game number and make your correction.

To Start a New Year
1. Choose 'Create New Year' from the 'Other' menu and type in the year,
eg. '1992' for the 1992/93 season.
2. Answer 'Y' to the 'Start adding data now?' prompt if that's what you
want to do or answer 'N' if you decide to add games later.
3. To enter games for a new year at any other time, choose 'Set Year'
from the 'Other' menu and then 'Add A Game'.
4. Enter the complete year's schedule before the season begins if possible.
Program expects 224 games.
5. Be sure to increment the week number when appropriate and be sure to
number weeks one to nine '01', '02' etc. The '0' helps keep the
Browse window sensible.
6. Fix mistakes the same way as described above.

Export Data
If you have registered your copy the 'Export' function will be in the
'Other' menu. It creates a file for use with spreadsheets or database
programs such as DBase IV or FoxPro.

This feature may be nice if you want to play with your data but does not
affect the functionality of NFL ScoreKeeper.

A power outage or other misfortune could conceivably corrupt the index
files (the '.IX' files). Should this happen, back your data up and then
run 'Rebuild'. It should fix most problems.

If you are using this program on a regular basis you should pay for it.
I will continue to improve the program if there is sufficient interest.
If you register you will receive the latest version of the program
including the 'Export' function. You will also receive notification of
the next major upgrade before release and you will receive the next
version you decide to upgrade for the cost of shipping and handling,
probably $7.95. Also, you will receive a bug-fix disk free-of-charge
should it become necessary.

To register, send check or money-order for $29.95 to:
John Hamm
P.O. Box 65862, Stn. F
Vancouver, B.C., V5N 5L3

Messages can be addressed to my Compuserve account 76505,2226

Data Files Needed
Data files from previous versions of NFL ScoreKeeper are compatible
with this release.

If anyone with the complete 1989/1990 data is willing to share
it please contact me. I will add it to the package.

Data from earlier years would also be appreciated, if you are
considering entering the data for previous years you might contact
me first because by the time you read this someone may have already
done the work.

I will include any user-supplied data files with future upgrades.

At some point I will combine the files for quicker and more
interesting inquiries. Perhaps 5 year stats...

I have tried, as much as possible, to squash all known bugs. Nevertheless,
this (Version 2.0) is the first release with several new features. The
first few weeks of the 1991/92 season should tell the story, and again
in the summer of 1992 when we start entering the 1992/93 schedule.
Registered users will receive a bug-fix disk free of charge should one be
necessary. Also, I will upload said release to Compuserve. Any bug-fix
release will be numbered 2.01, 2.02 etc. and be minor - not worth another

If more serious bugs emerge the fixes will be in releases numbered 2.1, 2.2
etc. These may or may not be worth a download, registered users will receive
a free disk.

Game Prediction Systems
Earlier versions contained a prediction system that was interesting if
not particularly accurate. I could be convinced to re-include predictive
capability but I am not going to embarass myself with the previous system.
If you want to suggest a formula I may put it and others in the program,
another option is user-defined formulas in a set-up file. Let me know
what you think.

More Data

More data could be added, eg. interceptions, sacks, punt returns,
you name it. The criteria used was how much time was I personally going
to devote to data entry. Scores, rushes and passes is about it. I'm open
to suggestions on this but this is a manual data-entry program and is
therefore limited by the user's patience. Again, let me know what you

Thanks to all the people who have contacted me over the last two
years with your comments and suggestions. I appreciate the feedback
and hope I have answered some of your concerns with this new release.
In particular I would like to thank Marnie Maser, Alan Zisman,
Ed Progar, the folks at Eastside DataGraphics in Vancouver,
Stuart Morris, Fraser Rawlinson and to Dawne Holz for giving me the
final nudge to get this upgrade out.

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