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New helicopter entries for Gunship 2000.
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New helicopter entries for Gunship 2000.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
APA_STAT.DAT 80 80 stored
BLK_STAT.DAT 80 80 stored
COB_STAT.DAT 80 80 stored
COM_STAT.DAT 80 80 stored
DEF_STAT.DAT 80 80 stored
KIA_STAT.DAT 80 80 stored
NEWHELIS.TXT 1211 637 deflated

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Contents of the NEWHELIS.TXT file


The helicopters in Gunship 2000 do not fly at the speeds given in the manual using the realistic flight model.
The Apache suffers the most speed deficiency with the Kiowa actually flying quite a bit faster than it should. The files included with this document will increase ( or decrease in the case of the Kiowa ) the speeds of the helicopters to the posted speeds.

To update your helicopters, simply copy the 6 data files into the same directory as the Gunship program. The new speeds ( without weapons ) are as follows:

Apache and Apache Longbow 162 knots
Blackhawk159-160 knots
Cobra170-171 knots
Comanche Scout and Gunship 174 knots
Defender 125 knots
Kiowa 125 knots

* Remember, speeds are affected by temperature and weapon
load. A fully loaded helicopter will not fly nearly as
fast as the above list. Firing all weapons will yield
the faster speeds above.

It is important to have these faster speeds since part of your score it rated by the time it took you to complete your mission. I've found that these speeds ( which are more realistic ) can really improve the game! Enjoy!

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