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Another WAD File For The Registered Version.
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Another WAD File For The Registered Version.
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NEWDOOM.TXT 3564 1928 deflated
NEWDOOM.WAD 3786239 1264439 deflated
WAD-TEXT.ZIP 32095 30643 deflated

Download File NEWDOOM.ZIP Here

Contents of the NEWDOOM.TXT file


This PWAD represents the combination of just 27 of some of the best levels
I have found on the net. I say best meaning that they convey the spirit of
the game, and are done with focus on quality. Also, they had to run
reasonably well even on a 386/40, which is my deathmatch partner's machine.
I did NOT create any of the levels, I only used Movelev (c. Steve Simpson)
to renumber them, and DEU (c. Raphael Quinet & Brandon Wyber) to group (and
edit if needed) them. And of course BSP11W (c. Colin Reed) for redoing the
edited wads' nodes so quickly.

They are definately texture, monster, and thing protected from usage by
Shareware DOOM. These were compiled to provide the most compatibility with
multi-player, deathmatch, and solo settings--Not favoring one setting over
another. You get some of everything with this PWAD, and it's excellent in

Listed are the levels, their order, and the author's name. All levels can
be FTP'd via Internet FTP from Their respective
text files have been included in the zip file with this wad.

Also, the secret levels are mostly puzzles that don't work too well in Death
matches (hence why I give ya a choice of going to them or not), except 2-9.

1-MAZE1.WAD (Jeff Cochran)
2-MOONBASE.WAD (Curtis M. Turner II)
3-LEGEND3.WAD (Tony L. Hayes)
4-THETA-4.WAD (Michael Houston) *edited so that monsters appear on medium*
5-STONES.WAD (Michael Kelsey)
6-FORTRESS.WAD (Curtis M. Turner II)
7-MEGAWATT.WAD (Casey Miller)
8-MEGALAB.WAD (Casey Miller)
9-OCTAGON.WAD ([email protected])

1-LEGEND2.WAD (Tony L. Hayes)
2-WILLE1M1.WAD (William Leslie) *added a 4th deathmatch spot*
3-SEWERS.WAD (David Calvin & David Blanshine)
4-OUTLAND.WAD (Russel Gruber)
5-RAMPAGE.WAD (Adam Froio) *added secret exit*
6-MXK_D-11.WAD (Denis Auroux)
7-NUCLEAR.WAD (Brant M. Sweeny-Katkansky)
8-REALM10.WAD (Darren K. McKeigan) *removed exit and SpiderDemon*
9-H_HOTEL.WAD (Brian Plumb) *added 4 deathmatch spots*

1-THEKEEP2.WAD (Norman Scott)
2-LONGMTCH.WAD (Shane Boyer)
3-CORTYR_B.WAD (Michael Kelsey)
4-DEADBASE.WAD (Alberto Barsella)
5-XENO11.WAD (Daniel Griffiths)
6-UCA.WAD (Eddie Nguyen) *added 4 deathmatch spots, and secret exit*
7-EVIL_E.WAD (Ian Suhrstedt)
8-COLOSEUM.WAD (Dean Ashley Svendson) *Made Last Room Spider's Lair :>*
9-BARREL2.WAD (Cameron Newham)

SKY1- Jean-Serge Gagnon (FOREST.WAD)
SKY2- Spackle Ltd. (YAKWORLD.WAD)
SKY3- Daniel Griffiths (XENO11.WAD)
Status Bar- Andy Chen, Claude Martins (INVADE1.WAD)

Title Modification and Episode 3 End Screen change by me 🙂

All levels created by their respective authors. Levels are unchanged
besides their episode and level designations. (Unless otherwise noted)

Special thanks go to Glenn Edgar of Bermuda Triangle BBS (206-771-8420) for
helping me playtest this concoction.

Frank Provo ([email protected])


If you have DEU you can make this PWAD file into a full IWAD file
to take the place of the main doom.wad file. Just use the 'r'ead command
to input this wad, then the 'b'uild command to build it into a 27 level
totally new doom.wad. Remember, rename your old doom.wad first, or name
the new wad newdoom.wad or something like that. And of course, without
the registered doom.wad file you won't be able to run this PWAD, or build
it into a full DOOM, so don't even think about it 🙂

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