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New Levels for Castle Wolfenstein 3D that can be used by anyone with version 1.1 or later. Includes instructions on how to load.
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New Levels for Castle Wolfenstein 3D that can be used by anyone with version 1.1 or later. Includes instructions on how to load.
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Contents of the README file

// //
// WOLFENSTEIN 3-D LEVELS FROM Ideas From the Deep //
// //

%%% NOTICE %%%

THESE LEVELS ARE _NOT_ FROM ID Software or Apogee.
Neither company endorses these levels, nor will
they answer questions about them or in any other
manner support these levels. So please don't call
them! Send questions to the address below! THANKS!


These levels are ShareWare! You are free to play
around with them, but if you decide to keep them
after 15 days, you need to register!

REGISTERING not only legitimizes these levels for
you, but you also get another 20 levels sent to you!
These levels require v1.1 or later of Wolfenstein,
so don't bother ordering them if you have not already
paid your money for the legitimate copy of Wolfenstein!

These 20 new levels use all the new features, creatures,
and so forth found in the later scenarios of Wolfenstein
for many additional hours of play value.

The registration fee is $15, and can be sent to:

Ideas From the Deep
P.O.Box 1025
Campbell, CA 95009-1025



You are free to distribute this set of 10 new files as long as you observe
the following restrictions:

1. Insure that all files, including this README, are included.
2. State that these levels are not affilated with ID or Apogee.


Using these alternate levels is easy. The first thing you have to do is make
sure that you have the correct version to go with your Wolfenstein program.
If you have v1.0 of Wolfenstein, you will have the file "MAPTEMP.WL1" in your
directory. If this file doesn't exist, you have v1.1 or later. Be sure you
have downloaded (or otherwise received) the correct version. You can be sure
you have the correct version if you have the file "MAPTEMP.IF1" for v1.0 or
the file "GAMEMAPS.IF1" for v1.1 or later.

Once you are sure you have the correct version, simply copy the new levels
into your Wolfenstein directory. These files are:

MAPTEMP.IF1 (GAMEMAPS.IF1 for v1.1 or later)

To play, just type "SWAP" and press Enter at the DOS prompt. This will rename
files so that Wolfenstein loads and plays the new levels. If you wish to play
the original levels, simply type "SWAP" again and the files will be returned
to their normal state. Saved games are also swapped. NOTE: The files may not
retain their suffix (IF1) if you have purchased additional levels from Apogee.
Instead, if you have the WL3 or WL6 files, you will get IF3 or IF6 suffixes.

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy your time in these levels!

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