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INFCOM style Text Adventure Game. Color, Verbose, Brief, etc.
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INFCOM style Text Adventure Game. Color, Verbose, Brief, etc.
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Doug Rogers

Welcome to version 2.0 of NECTAR of the GODS.

This version is a partial rewrite of the original BASIC language game
that has been circulating for some time now. The adventure itself has not been
changed, but alot of the features are new and different.

The program is now compiled into an EXE file. You will find response to
be instantaneous.

The parser has been re-written to allow for more complex sentences.
Many users have requested it, and we are happy to comply. While the parser is
much looser, you still may find that you can trip it up. If it seems confused,
rephrase your question in a less complex sentence, and above all USE NO
PUNCTUATION! (This just clouds the issue for the parser). I do, however, think
you'll like what you see (for instance "OPEN THE SUITCASE ON THE BED" will make
perfect sense to the parser!)

The extremely powerful "ALL" noun has been implemented. For instance
TAKE ALL will result in everything not nailed down being added to inventory.

Many users wanted a VERBOSE/TERSE mode like that available in current
adventures by that "other" company (INFO WHO?). Well, it's here... and it's
intelligent. It shows the long description of rooms the first time they are
entered, and the short description (with directions) from there on. You can
ALWAYS look at the long description again by typing LOOK. It is also possible
and easy to toggle back and forth from TERSE to VERBOSE.

Finally, the screen colors are now user configurable. Type COLOR, and
you will bring up a menu that allows users of CGA boards to change the display
foreground and background colors.

Your responses to NECTAR are welcomed, as are any bug reports. You can
contact me at ADVENTURELAND BBS, (606) 271-0558.

Enjoy (and send no money)
Doug Rogers

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