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Very nicely done Windows Startrek game.
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Very nicely done Windows Startrek game.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

A Space Game
for Windows 3.1

version 1.00 (c) 1992
Robert W. Feakins
4817 Browndeer Lane
Palos Verdes, CA 90274
(800) 859-3273
Shareware: $20 Registration Fee

NCC1701 is a faithful adaptation of the
mainframe classic StarTrek updated for
Windows 3.1 with graphic animation, an
extensive help file for the newcomer, and
remarkable ease of use lending itself to
play with either mouse or keyboard. This
beauty will make you feel like you're in
command on the NCC-1701's Bridge.

To install NCC-1701 in Windows Version 3.1,
put a disk with the unzipped files in drive
A (or B), pull down File / Run ... in Program
Manager, and type a:setup (or b:setup) into
Command Line.

The setup program adds several DLL files to
your WINDOWS Directory (only if they are not
already there or are there in earlier
versions), including the Visual Basic Run
Library VBRUN100.DLL which allows you to
run all software programmed in Visual Basic
(including NCC-1701).

The setup program does NOT modify any INI
files, or any other Windows files.

WINDOWS 3.0 Users .....

This version 1.00 of NCC-1701 requires

Windows Version 3.1

because it uses the TrueType Dingbats
font shipped with version 3.1. If you
install and use it with version 3.0 of
Windows, the Short Run Scan will show
different symbols for the ship, starbases,
klingons and stars. Other than this
symbology, NCC-1701 should be compatible
with version 3.0 of Windows. The setup
program checks for version 3.1 and will
not install for version 3.0, but you
can install for version 3.0 by placing
all files in a directory
and pulling down File / Properties...
in Program Manager to install it
manually. In order to run, NCC-1701,
like all Visual Basic programs, requires
that you have the VBRUN100.DLL file
in your WINDOWS directory. This file
is on our disk as VBRUN100.DL_, and you
should copy it to your WINDOWS directory
and rename it to VBRUN100.DLL if you do
not already have the file there.

If you have any questions or comments, you
can reach me at:

Robert W. Feakins
4817 Browndeer Lane
Palos Verdes, CA 90274

I hope you enjoy ... and Register!!

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