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New episodes for Wolfenstein 3D.
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New episodes for Wolfenstein 3D.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
MAPHEAD.WL1 42 42 stored
MAPTEMP.WL1 92558 23120 deflated
NAT-W3D.DOC 1700 868 deflated

Download File NAT_W3D.ZIP Here

Contents of the NAT-W3D.DOC file

To use these levels, just replace the files MAPTEMP.WL1 and MAPHEAD.WL1
in your Wolf3D directory with the files in this archive, and then run
Wolf3D. Be sure to keep a backup copy of the two files that you replaced
if you ever want to play the old levels again!

If there is no file called MAPTEMP.WL1 in your Wolf3D directory, but
there is a file called GAMEMAPS.WL1, then you have a later version of
Wolf3D (1.1 or 1.2). You'll have to get the old version (1.0) to play
the levels. (We may release these in version 1.1/1.2 format later, but
be warned that some of the interesting "effects" don't work in versions
after 1.0.)

These levels are quite hard. You'll have to expect the unexpected in
order to win them. For example, if you enter a seemingly empty room,
don't be surprised if guards suddenly start coming out of the walls

If you need any hints, we can be reached at these email addresses:
Internet: [email protected]
[email protected]
AOL: BenjaminRG
Here's one hint: all of the "bosses" except for one of the ones in
level 9 can (and should) be avoided.

After you think you've completely explored all of the levels (but not
before!), look at them with MapEdit. We guarantee you that you'll find
lots of hidden areas in places that you never even thought to look.

These par times were chosen (somewhat arbitrarily) by the author:

Level Par
----- -----
1 2:00
2 2:00
3 5:00
4 7:00
5 5:30
6 12:30
7 2:00
8 4:00
9 [N/A]
10 [N/A]
----- -----
Total: 40:00

Email us and tell us what you think of the levels, and have fun!

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