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Music program that lets you watch the notes & listen to the music at the same time. Requires a Roland MPU-401 or compatible.
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Music program that lets you watch the notes & listen to the music at the same time. Requires a Roland MPU-401 or compatible.
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EQUATES.ASM 1735 476 deflated
EXTRN.ASM 5200 670 deflated
MACROS.ASM 18246 2712 deflated
MAKE-MB.BAT 377 238 deflated
MB.ASM 192772 30302 deflated
MB.EXE 42313 18335 deflated
MBA.ASM 178657 23921 deflated
MBB.ASM 113441 16086 deflated
MBM.ASM 23946 4406 deflated
MBV.ASM 110455 12050 deflated
MUSICBOX.TXT 186730 41497 deflated
ORDER.ASM 530 190 deflated
PAGE0.DEB 47 47 stored
PAGE0.SCR 4096 989 deflated
READ.ME 2337 1078 deflated
TUTOR.SCR 4096 1031 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Note: MusicBox will not run unless you have a Microsoft compatible mouse
and a color monitor. The monitor can be CGA, EGA or VGA compatable.

Files included with MusicBox:


READ .ME This file.
MB .EXE The MusicBox program.
TUTOR .SCR A simplified MusicBox overlay.


MUSICBOX .TXT The MusicBox manual.

MUSICBOX.TXT: Use the DOS Print command to print this. MusicBox is
not a program you can use without the manual, so this should be
the next thing you do. Note that unprintable graphics icons are
identified in the document by a backslash and the hex character
code (i.e. "\7F"). The information is redundant and should be
ignored. It is there for those who want ALL the details.
This file is now on a separate ARC file.

TUTOR.SCR: This is a simplified module source screen overlay, with
only one or two modules per box, rather than the usual 8 to 10.
It will load instead of the normal screen whenever it is in the
default directory when MB is loaded. After you have run through
the tutorials given in the manual and you are comfortable with
the MusicBox module layout, you can delete the file, or exile it
to a special tutorial directory, and the normal MusicBox module
source screen will become available.

MusicBox is installed with 3 pages of workspace available. If
you have an EGA or VGA, you can set it to have 7 pages, enough
for a large-scale composition. To do this, you need to change
a memory location value (from 3 to 7) with DEBUG:

E65C6 7

You can also set MusicBox to work with 2 MPU's. Follow the
DEBUG procedure above, but "E65C5 3". You can enter 0 to run
without any MPU's, or return the value to 1, for one MPU.

If you want to run with a floppy disk, you will have to disable
MusicBox's natural inclination to make a backup and set files.
With DEBUG, "E65D5 0" and "E65E2 0"

Good luck with MusicBox. I hope you find it to your liking.

-- John Dunn

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