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Moon Trader - An excellent VGA game in which you trade with other planets.
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Moon Trader – An excellent VGA game in which you trade with other planets.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Master Trader Instructions

Basically, You are the captain of a battered freighter, inherited from
your uncle, who recently passed away. After applying for an Apprentice
Trader's License, you set forth to make your fortue buying and selling goods
between the planets of the Empire. You don't have much cash to start with,
but the Trader's Union can help...
Your ship has a sophisticated, yet simple to use, control system. Use
your cursor keys to scroll through the console functions. The Enter key
selects a function. Here is a list of the different functions and what they
****** F1 gives you a list of goods and prices in PORT/NET menus ****

Navigation : gives you the Navigation Console.
Planet Library - a list of all Empire planets. Lists each planet,
purchase prices of items for sale and shows how
much fuel you will need to get there. Press Enter
to lock the planet's coordinates into your Helm.
Galactic Plot - A VERY useful function, if you can ever afford to
get it installed...

Helm : Gives you the Helm Console.
Break Orbit - Engages your engines and moves you to the Jump
Point where you can use your HyperSpace Drive.
Initiate Jump - Engages your HyperSpace Drive. Travel time is only
a few seconds. You arrive at a jump point near your
programmed Destination.
Enter Orbit - Moves you into orbit around the planet selected.

Engineering : Shows you the status of your spaceship.

Cargo : Gives you the cargo console.
Cargo Manifest - A list of items in your cargo hold.
Consignments - A list of the freight you are carrying.

Computer : gives you the computer console.
Trade Log - A list of all cargo transactions you have made.
Finance Report - A report of purchases, sales and expenses.
Save Game, Load Game, Exit Game - Fairly obvious.

Communications - You guessed it! The Communications console.
Port/Net Logon - Connects you with the local SpacePort computer.
HyperWave Comm - Your HyperWave Communicator.
Play Back Msgs - Displays a log of all messages you have received.

A few last words...
Since your ship is not designed to land on a planet, all
transactions are carried out by computer control. The local SpacePort Network
allows you to make purchases, sales, and provides connections to other
services. Transfer of cargo, repairs and refueling is performed by machinery,
so you never have to leave the comfort of your spaceship. Here are the
services you presently have access to:

The Traders Union : A regulatory agency that helps traders like
yourself make a living.
The ShipYards : Need fuel? Repairs? New Equipment?
PNN Headline News : Keep up with the goings-on in the Empire!

This game is open-ended; there is really no endgame, no winning and
very little losing. The only way to lose is to run out of money. There is a
puzzle to solve, and a reward for solving it. However, nothing will stop you
from continuing play beyond that point.
If you enjoy this game, please let me know! If you hate this game,
I'd like to know that too. I have a few ideas for expanding the game. I even
have a possible sequel in mind. What I lack is motivation. If you want more,
or want it improved, drop me a line and I'll get cracking.
I am releasing Master Trader as "ShareWare". If you like it, a
donation of $10 would be appreciated. Everyone who sends a donation (of ANY
size) will receive a copy of the lastest version of Master Trader, plus a
copy of whatever else I happen to be working on at the time.
Master Trader is my first game written for the PC. It is also my first
game in PASCAL. It is ALSO my first game in over 4 years. It was developed
using Turbo Pascal 5.5 for VGA ONLY. In addition, I used a TP Unit, that I
developed myself, to handle all of the graphics. If anyone is interested in a
copy of that unit, a check for $20 gets it to your mailbox. I must confess,
however, that I'm a sucker for a sad story. If you have a project in mind and
really can't afford the bucks, I might send it to you for nothing.
Another aid to the devlopment of this game was the program PCX2BGI,
developed by Marty Balash (available on PC-Link and America Online). The
artwork in the game (logos & such) were painted with Windows 3.0 Paintbrush
and converted to BGI format by Marty's program. I highly recommend it. (The
check's coming soon, Marty!)

Fred Patterson, April 16, 1991

America Online : FreddieP
GEnie: F.Patterson
US Mail: (After May 1, 1991)
Fred Patterson
93 West Shawnee Trail
Wharton, NJ 07885

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