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Mastermind using number... May get weird graphic if use extended memory.
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Mastermind using number… May get weird graphic if use extended memory.
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This is the computer version of the popular color guessing game,
MASTERMIND. To simplify things a little bit, decimal digits are used instead
of color. The digits used are 0 to 9.


The objection of the game is to guess the six random generated digits
that hide behind the blocks. You will be given 11 chances to solve the game.
You will guess by typing the digits, it is very important to be aware that
same digits in different sequence gives different hints. At the end of each
guess, the hints will be given on the right-hand-side columns of the table.
And at the end of the games, the answer will be revealed. The following
example will show you how the hints are given:

3 5 1 2 1 9 | 2 1

In the above example, the player guessed 3,5,1,2,1 and 9 in that
sequence. The hints show you that two of the digits are at the correct
positions, and one of the digits is at the wrong position. If you are not
familiar with MASTERMIND, I advise you to just enter the digits randomly
until the game is over then look closely at how the hints are given. You can
terminate the game by simply hold on to any number until the cursor moves all
the way down the table.

I hope you will have fun with the game. And if you find the bug or
have a suggestion, please drop me a line at

Vichai Chanthashivakul
2705 Emmet Road
Silver Spring, MD 20902

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