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AD&D Monster Generator. Create, Save and Load monster files.
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AD&D Monster Generator. Create, Save and Load monster files.
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Contents of the MONSTGEN.DOC file

** Monster Generator **
** Version 1.0 Cga **
** Written by: **
** Russ S. Merritt **
** 1992 **


I don't take any responsibility for damages to your software,
hardware, tupperware or any thing else my program comes within ten feet
of. This version of the program is distributed as Shareware and is meant to
be used as a demo only. The compacted file should contain the following
files as well:
This is not sponsored by or endorsed by E. Gary Gygax, TSR Inc.
or any party or parties associated by either. This is to be used as a
simple database to provide ease of use by the players of the Advanced
Dungeons and Dragons (tm) game.
In the following text, the symbol (tm) will follow any reference
to property (names, objects or other paraphernalia) owned by TSR Inc. and
associating licensed owners of the registered Advanced Dungeons and
Dragons(tm) trademark.

MONSTGEN.EXE ----> The main monster generating program
MONSTGEN.DOC ----> What you are reading right now
REGISTER.EXE ----> Dumps a filled registration form to printer
REGISTER.DOC ----> In case you don't have a printer to register
VERSION#.TXT ----> A small text file describing the version #

I wrote this in Borland's Turbo Pascal 6.0 compiler. It's taken
several hours, tons of computer paper, pots of coffee and late, late nights
to finally get to this point.
I hope you register this, because if I don't get any response,
there's no way I'm going to go through the backaches again. Don't get me
wrong, I love programming... But what happened to the fun?

You are required to have at least 256k base RAM, an external disk
drive and a color or monochrome monitor (CGA). If you have a hard drive
or printer, you're ahead of the game, though these two items are not
required to run Monster Generator.

Why does this program need any more than 4 colors in the graphics
mode? A lot of programmers these days, commercial and shareware, are
forgetting that this monitor exists. I hope this opens the program to a
wider market and will help more people by using this low resolution color

The monster generator is a simple, step by step program that allows
you enter stats from the Monster Manual I & II(tm) compiled by E. Gary Gygax.
It has also been made easy enough so that you can make your own creatures
for personal use and save them to disk for use later on.

You will be asked a series of questions in the format of the Monster
Manual(tm) series. Before you are asked to make an entry, you will see two

things at the top of the screen:
First, the category you are in will appear in a red color. If you
follow the Monster Manual(tm) exactly, the first thing to appear (besides
the name) will be the frequency of the monster.
Next, a asterisk followed by a pale blue text will appear under the
category. This describes in brief what you need to know about entering
your response. READ THE BLUE TEXT! It's very important. In some cases,
pressing on a blank line will make a numeral entry equal zero. In
other cases, the computer will read the as a null pointer expression
and write the entry as "No Response Given At Entry."
When it comes time to name a monster, try to remember the first
eight characters. This will come in handy when you go to save the creature.

You will be prompted to enter an 8 character name for the file.
It is best to name the file after the first 8 characters in the monster's
name. For instance, save a Wereshark as WERESHAR. Don't type an extension.
The computer will automatically give it the .RSM extension. A Giant Crane
would be best saved as G-Crane. It's up to you, but remember the names when
you go to load them. They'll come in handy.

The print routines I included in the source code should seek out
the printer and utilize it correctly. If you have any trouble, please write
me and give me a thorough description of the problem.
Before you print the monster, be sure the printer is connected
correctly, it is on and the interface in online. The program does not check
to see if the printer is online and may crash if it sends data to a sudden
halt. This could cause permanent damage to your computer and/or printer.
Centering the paper is up to you. Try printing the monster once
to get a general idea of how you would like it to look on the paper then
remember how you used it.
The printing will take up one sheet of 8 1/2" by 11" standard typing
paper. Any other type will need to be flipped or otherwise in mid-printing.

I'm happy with this function. It took me a long time to get the
screen to read only a certain amount of files then prompt for a pause.
If you wish to see a directory listing, the program will seek out
all files in the current directory containing the .RSM extension. If there
are more than 80 files, the listing will halt then prompt for you to
continue listing or load a file. If you enter a file that does not exist,
the program will send you an error message and jump you back into the main
After you have loaded a file, the program automatically jumps to
the screen showing the creature then gives you the option to print, save or
return to the main menu. Saving over the same file will cause no damage to
the original file, unless the new file is different than the old file.

Ever since my last program, SikeOut, I've included a screen that
gives thanks to people I think inspired me to finish the program I am
working on. This section is very opinionated in places, but I guess that's
me all over.

I really need your support in registering this program. It'll help
me realize that people out there actually need my work and appreciate the
time and effort I've put into it. Help support the dying ShareWare concept.
This program cost $10. The unregistered version can be distributed
freely among friends so long as the original files are not separated or

For the $10 registration fee, you'll get a 5.4" or 3.5" disk chock
full of other creations and programs. You'll also get a personalized,
improved version of Monster Generator. If you have a hard drive, I can fit
more things on one disk by compressing the data. I suggest asking for
compressed disks.
With a $50 registration fee, you'll get the disk full of programs,
a personalized, improved version of Monster Generator and the complete
Turbo Pascal 6.0 source code of MonstGen.Pas and all of its units in full,
uncompiled glory.

I have to bashfully admit, my real name is Rusty Shawn Merritt. I
like Russ because it sounds better to me. (what?) So, before you fill out
your check or money order, be sure that you're sending the money to:
Rusty Shawn Merritt NOT Russ Merritt. Thanks...

You can find me and many other quality programs on these fine
24 hour Bulletin Board Systems: (I love to talk AD&D(tm))

The MCE Databoard
Sponsored by MCE Data Systems, Inc.
Call Steve at (410) 543 - 2406 (up to 9600 baud!)

Upper Limit BBS
Sponsored by Up Technologies, Inc.
Call Tim and Julie at (410) 860 - 0212 (up to 2400 baud!)

You can reach me on PRODIGY(tm) at user ID#: PSXN73A

Or just write to me:

Russ Merritt
1734 Dunn Swamp Road
Pocomoke City, Maryland 21851
Telephone: (410) 957 - 1164

I'm a 19 year old computer programmer/guitar player that lives in
one of the many dying small towns of America(tm). I've devoted too many hours
to RPG's, Dungeon Mastering, watching Dennis Miller, Dave Letterman,
Mystery Science Theatre 3000, programming and trying to learn how to
effectively use the power chord in G.
I love music, the more odd the better. I like a band until they get
popular, then I begin to hate them. I love Mr Bungle and Gwar. (For those
metal/alternative maniacs.)
Well, that's enough about me. This is already eating up your hard-
earned RAM. Thanks for using the program and I REALLY hope you support me
and register. I'll see you on the next project!


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