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Golf course for Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf game.
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Golf course for Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf game.
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Contents of the MOUNTR.DOC file

Welcome to Mount Revere C.C.

This is a fictional course combining elements form different golf courses. The
ideas for some of the holes were taken from photos in Golf Digest and Golf
Illustrated, the rest came from my own sense of what a mountain resort course
would be.
I would like to thank Scott Chesney, Ted Maiden, Jaybird and the other designers
on Accolade BBS for inspirataion and I would especially like to thank Paul aka
"Treefrog" for his critique of my first course. He is the reason this course, The
Keys C.C. and Cherry Valley C.C. (two other courses I've designed) have a truer
feeling of being on a real course.
Now some technical information: This course was designed on a Tandy 1000SX using
a 16 color card, which is why if you have a VGA or SVGA card some objects may not
appear. If you plan on using this course on the new Signature Edition, you'll
have to live with the default trees and the cartoonish looking background.
I hope you have as much fun playing the course as I had designing it.

Jim Streeter
19 Heritage Court
Trenton NJ 08628

PS If you have any comments you can leave a message for Jim829 on either
Accolade BBS or America Online.

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