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"Moraff's Stones" game (Ver 3.1) to bet with Monsters.
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“Moraff’s Stones” game (Ver 3.1) to bet with Monsters.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
320X200.FNT 2576 801 deflated
360X480.FNT 6164 1222 deflated
640X480.FNT 9292 2030 deflated
800X600.FNT 11592 2542 deflated
EHOUT.FNT 6900 2044 deflated
ENDGAME.EXE 11260 11076 deflated
P3 135719 74811 deflated
README.BAT 990 503 deflated
STONES.EXE 62733 61841 deflated
UPLOAD.TXT 1313 651 deflated

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Contents of the README.BAT file

echo off
echo Updated 9/25/1992
echo Here is your copy of Moraff's Stones Version 3.1. Please play and enjoy this
echo game and please make copies for your friends. Shareware programs are
echo supported by those who use and pay for them. Your past support has enabled
echo the developement of our line of super high-res games.
echo Registered owners receive the latest version of this game and several others.
echo Feel free to distribute copies of this game in any of the following ways:
echo 1) Placing the complete program on bulletin boards.
echo 2) Making copies for friends.
echo 3) Giving a free copy to paying customers.
echo 4) Charging a nominal fee for the cost of the diskettes.
echo Type `STONES' to start this game.
echo All instructions are built into this program's help files.
echo Our toll-free order line is 800-VGA-GAME (1-800-842-4263).

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