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VGA version of Monopoly. 2 to 15 players. Will work with a mouse.
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VGA version of Monopoly. 2 to 15 players. Will work with a mouse.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

TechnoGraphical Link Windows 1.00
Copyrighted (c) 1989, TEGL Windows, TEGL Systems Corporation.
All rights reserved.

TEGL Systems Corporation
Suite 780, 780 West Pender Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada, V6C 1H2

TEGL Monopoly Version 2.00e
Copyrighted (c) 1989, TEGL Systems Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

This shareware product is produced for your personal enjoyment only.

All TEGL software products are protected under both Canada copyright law
international treaty provisions. Therefore, any products produced
by TEGL Systems Corporation may not be sold, modified for redistribution
or re-packaged individually, without TSC's written permission.

SYSTEM Requirements
IBM PC, 500k, 1 DS/DD floppy
EGA card w/256k and EGA monitor.

if your system hangs, this could be due to the mouse driver.
You should have Microsoft Mouse Driver Version 6.11 or greater.

You can have the game ignore the installed mouse driver by


A mouse is not required. Use the cursor keys on the keypad area to
move the mouse cursor around. The (HOME) key emulates the mouse left
button, and the (PgUp) key emulates the right button.

Monopoly Version 2.00e September 23/1989

This is a complete running version of MONOPOLY version 2.00e and has been
created exclusively for the Shareware Market. Please do not abuse the

Please feel free to make copies and distribute MONOPV2e among your
friends provided that no fee is charged for such copying and
distribution and it is distributed ONLY in its original, unmodified

All rules and registration information has been integrated into
the game and can be viewed from the option menu selection 'Monopoly'.

Please think about registering, by reading the registration Benefits.

Source code for both the game and Technographical Link windows are offered
as part of the shareware registeration.

Yours truly

Richard Tom
Compuserve 74370,2354

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