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Monopoly game with some added features.
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Monopoly game with some added features.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

AUTOMON 3.2 - copyright 1991 Ron Mignery

MONOPOLY is a registered trademark of Parker Bros. Inc.
Their copyrights, however, have run out.

AUTOMON 3.2 is yet another version of Monopoly on computers.

To run Automon, type the following at the dos prompt:

MON32 <-options> /

example: C> MON32 FEB10A/PARIS

The save_game_filename and custom_board_filename are both optional.

The author of this MS-DOS adaptation places no restrictions on the
distribution of this program. Comments and inquiries may be directed to
the author at this address:

Ron Mignery
85 Bartlett Street
Somerville, MA 02145

AUTOMON is yet another version of Monopoly on computers. It does however
have some features not found in other Monopoly programs.

1. Everything is displayed on a single text screen so there are no
distracting screen changes and no graphics hardware requirement.
Deeds are displayed automatically when appropriate or manually by

a view facility. Automon is for those who have come to play
Monopoly! Graphics, though cute, just slow you down and distract
from the business at hand.

2.Up to eight players are allowed at a time. Any printable character
may be used for a player token.

3.Games may be saved. Saved games may be run directly from the
command line with the format MON31 GAMENAME or loaded within the

4.Any or all players may be set to automatic mode in which the
computer generates the moves, including buying of lots and
houses. This mode may be changed individually at any time.

5.Common playing variations such as pre-dealing deeds, putting tax
money on Free Parking, relaxing color lot requirements, allowing
rerolls on leaving jail, disabling housing shortages etc. may be
individually enabled.

6.All aspects of the game may be edited at any time. Players can
be added or subtracted, options changed, player order changed etc.
The speed of the game (duration of delays, etc.) can also be set.
Sound effects can be disabled.

7.Current time and the duration of the game can be displayed.

8.The user may exit to DOS and return at any point.

9.The two most common actions, rolling of dice and proceeding to
the next player, can be undone by pressing "U."

10.Pop up menus control all actions. Submenus appear so as not to
obscure the menu tree.

11.Dice values can be forced for test purposes by pressing a number
key to stop the dice rolling. When a second key is pressed, the dice
are set to the numbers pressed. Any roll from 1 to 18 may be
forced in this manner.

Knowledge of the rules of Monopoly is assumed. Playing is intuitive and
mostly obvious except for the points discussed above and for the following:

1.Pressing ESC at the main menu will clear the screen and ask
you if you wish to quit. This facility can be used to redraw
the screen if it for any reason gets garbled.

2.Pressing a key at the main menu for a player running in automatic
mode will overide the computer. This would allow you to stop
and edit a game with all players set to automatic (keep pressing).

3.Jail residents can be distinguished from visitors by a colored
background on their token. Vistors have a white background on
their tokens.

4.Ownership of get out of jail free cards is indicated by asterisks
at the end of the player status line. Cards are used automatically
to exit jail. They may nevertheless be bought and sold.

5.Ownership of a lot (if any) is indicated by a player token in the
lower left corner of the lot. Development (if any) is indicated
by a number just above the owner token. `0' indicates that all
lots of that color are owned by the same player (rent is doubled)
but that no houses have yet been built. `M' indicates that the
lot is mortgaged.

6.A minus sign at the start of the player information line indicates
that the player is on average losing money with each turn.

7.Pauses in the program when messages are displayed may be cut short
by pressing any key during the pause.

8. An asterisk appears after the name of players who are currently
set to automatic mode.

Version 2.0 of AUTOMON has several features not found in AUTOMON 1.0.

1.Customizing - the board names, rents and community chest and chance
cards can be edited. Type CUSTOM2 at the prompt line to run the
customizing facility. To use a customized board, invoke AUTOMON
from the command line with the following format:

MON31 /

example: C> MON31 FEB10A/PARIS

The save_game_filename and custom_board_filename are both optional.

2.Some bugs in version 1.0 relating to trade in Get Out of Jail Free
cards have been fixed.

3.The average income per turn for each player is displayed by
the board view command. This might be useful for declaring winners
in incomplete games. Note that if no player has a negative income,
the game would likely continue indefinitely.

Version 2.1 of AUTOMON2 adds some bullet proofing, cosmetic changes and
a new option to void rents of jailed landlords to version 2.0.

Version 2.2 of AUTOMON2 adds more bullet proofing, cosmetic changes and
a new option to wait for a keypress for messages not requiring a
response from the user. The autoplay algorithm and the average
income algorithm have been improved. The computer will now
mortgage low yield properties to buy houses.

Version 2.2a fixes a nasty bug in version 2.2.

Version 3.0 is reimplemented in Turbo C (Borland). Previous versions
were implemented in QuickBasic 1.0 (Microsoft). The following
features have been added:

1.Direct video access now makes windows pop up much faster.
This could create problems for non-standard systems. To
prevent video problems, Automon may now be started with a
commandline switch, -v, to defeat direct video access.
For example: mon32 -v oldgame3/burbank

2.Another commandline switch, -s, has been added to operate
in silent mode. When invoked, audio is disabled, even if
a non-silent game is loaded.

3.Another commandline switch, -2, has been added to provide
compatibility with Automon2 saved games. A saved game
generated by Automon2 may be loaded and run by Automon3 as
in this example: mon32 -2s old2
When this option is invoked, all games loaded by the load
games facility are loaded in the old format. New format
games may not be loaded while this option is in effect. Note
that all games are saved in the new format regardless of the
setting of this option. Automon3 remains file-compatible
with Automon2 custom boards.

4.A new option has been added to disable auctions.

5.A new option has been added to allow players to remain on the
board after bankruptcies. These two options allow a variation
on the basic game that "corrects" a major weakness of the standard
game. In a game of even just two players, there is enough money
at the start of the game to buy every property on the board. Any
player who doesn't purchase a property he/she lands on is simply
being foolish. If players started with less money (say $200),
could survive early bankruptcies, and would not lose properties
on which they land to low bidders in auctions, then strategy in
property purchases would become a viable element of the game.

6.A hot-key, ctrl-a, has been added to set the current player to
automatic mode at the main menu prompt. Pressing any key
while a player is executing in automatic mode will disable
automatic mode for that player. Additionally, automatic mode can
still be changed by the editing of player data.

7.A hot-key, ctrl-o, has been added to toggle sound at the main
menu prompt. Note that this can overide the -s silent mode
command line option.

8.The view facility has been extended to provide more information
for the serious player (and who isn't?). The total
expenditure on a lot by each player, living or dead, can
be displayed by pressing ENTER in the view screen. Pressing
the up or down arrow then displays the number of times each
player has landed on the lot. Because of jailings and transfer
cards, not all lots are visited with the same frequency. The
actual frequencies for each lot can be empirically evaluated
here. The magnitude of the differences may surprise you.

9.Some old bugs have been fixed.

10.Cards are now buffered in memory rather than on disk. No more
of those annoying 100 millisecond waits to read Chance and
Community Chest cards.

11.You are now given the option to play again (with the same command
line options) when you quit.

features have been added:

1.A -n command line option has been added to allow Automon to be
run on systems with non-gray-scaling monochrome video systems.

2.A -h or -? command line option has been added to display and
to describe the command line options available. Note that the
-2 option to provide compatibility with automon2 games though
not listed is still available.

3.Windows now have double line borders and revised colors to aid
in readability, especially on monchrome systems.

4.Pause lengths for self-erasing windows have been increased.

5.Some old bugs have been fixed.

Version 3.2 allows much larger money values to accumulate without
crashing the system. Previously, values above $32,000 could not
be handled. Additionally, the following features have been added.

1.The number of times the dice have been rolled can
now be viewed in the time facility.

2.Some more old bugs have been fixed.

The following files constitute the Automon 3.2 distribution:

MON32 EXE The game play executive file
CUSTOM3 EXE The customizing executive file
ATL_CITY BSU The default playing board description file
ATL_CITY CSU The default cards and options description file
CUSTOM BSU A sample custom playing board description file
CUSTOM CSU A sample custom cards and options description file
AUTOMON CFG The current game configuration file
T4 MON A sample saved game (all players set to auto)
N2 MON A sample saved game (one player set to auto)
MIN MON A sample saved game (demos new options)
READ ME This file
DEMO BAT Runs saved game N2 with the CUSTOM board

***END of READ.ME***

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