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Windows 3.x game of Moku.
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Windows 3.x game of Moku.
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Contents of the README file


Please find enclosed a copy of Moku for Windows
complements of:

Chris Graham
WarpSpeed Computers
4/1 Mitchell St
Brunswick Vic 3056

I hope you enjoy it.

PS. Moku for OS/2 PM, Chess for OS/2 PM
are coming soon. CoreWars for Windows is 99% finished and
SubHunt for Windows is on its way.

Chess for Windows is available now!

Chess is a fully featured game of Chess for the Microsoft
Windows enviroment. It allows a human player to play the
computer, play another human or just let the computer play
itself, all at varing levels of play. Future enhancements
will include the ability to play Chess via a Modem and a

Contact Solutions, as addressed in the New Game dialog box
for ordering information. Again dealer enquiries are most

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