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Tile set of TV characters for MahJongg.
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Tile set of TV characters for MahJongg.
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Contents of the DISNEY1.TXT file

Mahjongg Ver 3.3
Tile Set

After completing my first tileset (and most likely the last!), I have
to take my hat off to all of those out there who have done likewise; it
ain't as easy as it first appears!

The two wildcard tile sets on this file are:

Group 1 Tile No. Description.
35 Full face of Mickey with name below
36 Full face of Minnie with name below
37 Full face of Donald with name below
38 Full face of Daisy with name below

Group 2 39 Walt Disney signature
40 Mouse plane over Disney World
41 Castle with Epcot Center in background
42 Mouse balloons

The remainder display 4 each. If you can't recognize them, name them
Ollie or Irving or some four letter word.

My family is already complaining about the color assault upon their
eyelids from this set, so Disney2.til will be along shortly with all
grey backgrounds. Enjoy, and don't take any apples from strange
ladies in black!

Dick Koster
35 Guinevere Rd.
N. Easton, MA 02356

If you have lots of tiles and finding it difficult to manage them,
read on about UNZIPTIL Ver. 2.0 (UNZPTL20.ZIP) below. It can
handle up to 400 tile sets in a zipped file providing an automatic
menu of the included files. Or use one of the other such tile managers
out there as well; whatever turns you on!

Mahjongg Tile File Manager
Version 2.0

The program UNZPTL20.EXE is a menu driven version of UNZIPTIL.EXE and
allows for the management of MAHJONGG tile files on a hard disk. Each
time the program is loaded, it creates an index of all the tile files
currently residing on MAHJTILE.ZIP created via the PKZIP compression

This program requires the DOS sort utility (SORT.EXE) as well as both
PKZIP and PKUNZIP (by Phil Katz) which is available from most BBS's.

The following files must reside in the current subdirectory or path
statement unless the setup (described below) is run:

4. UNZPTL20.EXE {Supplied}
5. MAHJTILE.ZIP {Skeleton supplied}
6. SORT.EXE {DOS sort utility}

If any of the above files cannot be found at execution time, a warning
message is displayed and the program ends.

The syntax for running UNZPTL20 is:

UNZPTL20 { Normal program operation }

UNZPTL20 SETUP { Runs SETUP to assign drives & paths }

If the SETUP is not run, the pertinent files must be located as
indicated above. However, you may assign both drive and path for:


The drive/path data will be stored in UNZIPTIL.PRM in the current
subdirectory. If this file cannot be found (or is empty), the program
will search the subdirectories in your path statement. If they can
not be found there, an error message will be displayed.

Manual Loading of MAHJTILE.ZIP

Using PKZIP, zip up all your tile files into MAHJTILE.ZIP. The format to
zip is:

pkzip -a mahjtile *.til

Automatic Loading of MAHJTILE.ZIP

Place any/all tile files into any subdirectory (OTHER THAN the directory
in which UNZPTL20.EXE resides) and execute UNZPTL20.

Choose the {A} Add *.TIL/ARG option off the display screen and confirm
its selection.

Enter the drive/path where the tile files can be located.

<<< W A R N I N G >>>

If they are in the same subdirectory as UNZPTL20.EXE they will be
deleted at end-of-program! Place in another subdirectory or floppy
and indicate its path when prompted.

The tile files will then be loaded into MAHJTILE.ZIP as well as the
current menu index.


Choose the {N} = Make a new MAHJTILE selection off the display menu
and confirm its selection. This operates exactly as the APPEND or
ADD mode described above except that it flushes the MAHJTILE.ZIP file
completely before adding new files. The screen menu will be updated
to the new MAHJTILE.ZIP contents.

If no other action is taken other than described above, the game will
run with the default options (color, mouse, video mode, etc.) built into
MAHJONGG. However, you have several options concerning MAHJONGG command-
line parameters.

To change colors, etc. for "all" the tile sets, create a 1-line ASCII
file containing the desired parameters. Name this file MAHJONGG.PRM
and place it in the subdirectory with UNZPTL20.EXE. A sample might be:

-c6 -d15 -n -m -e

NOTE: If a "-u" option is detected in the command string, the
entire argument string will be ignored.

This is great if you want "all" the tile sets to be the same, but what
about customizing each tile set? No problem! Create a file similar to
MAHJONGG.PRM above, but give it the name of the tile set. If the tile
set is BIRDS.TIL then name its argument file BIRDS.ARG.

So what do we do with this BIRDS.ARG file anyways? Simple! Merely
add it to the MAHJTILE.ZIP file along with its tile file. This can be
accomplished in two ways:

1. Manually: Execute the command line below.

pkzip -a mahjtile birds.arg

2. Automatically: Follow the same {ADD} procedure from the options
menu as with the *.TIL files. Both *.ARG and
*.TIL files are automatically processed together
if they exist in the prompted drive/path.

Program Operation

When UNZPTL20 runs, it extracts all BIRDS.* files from MAHJTILE.ZIP.
If it finds a matching ARG file, it will use those parameters. If no
parameter file is found, it will look for the "master" parameter file
MAHJONGG.PRM. If this is found, it will use those parameters for the
current tile set. If the "master" parameter file is not found, the
MAHJONGG.EXE program runs with its built-in default parameters.


After MAHJONGG terminates, all TILENAME.* files are deleted from the
hard disk subdirectory where UNZPTL20.EXE resides!


A word about the "standard" tile set, MAHJONGG.TIL. The program will use
the default tile set built into MAHJONGG.EXE and not the tile set named
MAHJONGG.TIL which is supplied with the MAHJTILE.ZIP file.

If you wish to alter MAHJONGG.TIL via TILEMAKR, load the newly created
version onto MAHJTILE.ZIP with another unique name. This can then be
retrieved in the same manner as the other tile sets.

(This was done to avoid a filename conflict with any MAHJONGG.* files you
may have in the current subdirectory during wildcard deletes of the
temporarily loaded tile & argument files!).


This was written and tested on an 80286 IBM clone using MSDOS 3.3 with
EGA video. It was also tested on a like machine using a Hercules
monochrome graphics adaptor. The colors chosen are such that all screen
data will appear in the mono mode as well. UNZPTL20 shells out to PKZIP,
PKUNZIP, SORT, and MAHJONGG, and was written using MicroSoft Quick Basic
Ver. 4.5 as a stand-alone EXE. It was then further compressed using LZEXE
by Fabrice Bellard.

{ Note }

I have also included UNZPTL20.SML which is a compressed EXE version which
requires the BRUN45.EXE library file to be in its subdirectory or path. If
you wish to use this smaller version with BRUN45.EXE, then....


This little utility is free so your conscience may rest in peace!
However, I am interested in receiving any comments you may have especially
concerning errors. Of course, any nickels, dimes, quarters, or French
postcards would certainly be welcome! (No polaroids of your dog, please!)
I realize this doesn't use a mouse or GUI's, but what the hey! We all
can't turn out great software like Nels Anderson now, can we?

Forward any comments, postcards, or bug reports to:

Dick Koster
35 Guinevere Road
N. Easton, MA 02356


The author disclaims all warranties, expressed or
implied and assumes no liability for damages either from its
direct use or as a consequence of its use. Have you hugged
your backup today?

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