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Tile set for Mahjongg 3.3+. Deck of Playing Cards.
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Tile set for Mahjongg 3.3+. Deck of Playing Cards.
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Contents of the CARDS.TXT file

Mah Jongg Tile Set Description

Tile Set Name : CARDS.TIL
Subject : Deck of Cards
Created by : Michael C. Fitz-Enz


A deck of cards seemed a logical step for a set of Mah Jongg tiles. This
deck however uses a one (1) card as well as an Ace card in each suit and
is missing the majority of the Club suit to make everything fit into the
42 tiles structure. The pairing should be logical with all cards pairing
with it's duplicate and the Large and Small Suit cards acting as the "wild
card" tiles.

Diamonds (replaces suit of dots):

1) One 4) Four 7) Seven
2) Two 5) Five 8) Eight
3) Three 6) Six 9) Nine

Hearts (replaces suit of bamboo):

11) One 14) Four 17) Seven
12) Two 15) Five 18) Eight
13) Three 16) Six 19) Nine

Spades (replaces suit of characters):

21) One 24) Four 27) Seven
22) Two 25) Five 28) Eight
23) Three 26) Six 29) Nine

Tens and Aces (replaces dragons and winds):

10) Ten of Diamonds 31) Ace of Diamonds 34) Ace of Clubs
20) Ten of Hearts 32) Ace of Hearts
30) Ten of Spades 33) Ace of Spades

Large Suits (replaces suit of winds):

35) Diamond 37) Spade
36) Heart 38) Club

Small Suits (replaces suit of flowers):

39) Diamond upper left 41) Spade upper left
40) Heart upper left 42) Club upper left

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