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Front end tile manager for Mahjongg 3.3 or higher.
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Front end tile manager for Mahjongg 3.3 or higher.
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Contents of the MAHTILE.DOC file

Mah Jongg Tile Manager
Ver 2.0

Insert the Tile Manager into your Mah Jong 3.3 subdirectory.

The first time you run the Manager, a setup file will be
created 'mahtile.dat', to prompt you for some initial settings.

Once the file has been created, the setup will not run anymore.

To change default settings, use F3 in the game, or delete
mahtile.dat and run mahtile.exe again.

The Tile Manager will display -90- of your favorite Tiles,
execute the game, with your default settings .

A miss spelt tile will default you to the mah jong tile set.

After quiting the game Tile Manager will take control with
the initial screen, giving you the option to select another
tile or quit.

Please register to avoid the nasty opening registration
screen and delay, a faster copy will be sent to you.

Send $10.00 Cheque or money order to:
Send return address also:

Loserware Software Inc.
c/o J. Baranski
Box 956
Trenton, Ontario
K8V 6E6

Thanks for trying out Mahtile.

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