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'STREET ROD' Tiles for Mah Jongg 3.3.
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‘STREET ROD’ Tiles for Mah Jongg 3.3.
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'STREET ROD' Tiles for Mah Jongg 3.3
Created 6/25/91

Subject: Pre '49 Automobiles (street rods)
Created By: Frank Caperton, Knoxville, TN

Description: Since I am an avid Street Rodder I felt I had no choice
but to reproduce tiles relative to my sport. I have not
seen anything of this nature out there and even though
there are several car tiles availabvle none actually
depict different body stiles. The tile sets are easy to
determine as the only difference in the tiles within each
set is the color. The tile sets are as follows:

Three (3) Window Coupes



Five (5) Window Coupes

Tudor Sedans

Chevy, Buick, Chrysler, Ford

(National Street Rod Association)

Hoping you may enjoy playing this tile set as much as I enjoyed
making it.

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