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Football tile set for MahJongg.
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Football tile set for MahJongg.
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Contents of the FOOTBALL.DOC file

NFL TEAM LOGOS & SYMBOLS for Mahjongg 3.3
Created July 1990 by Bradley J. Role

After using the Major League Baseball tiles for MahJongg and with
the football season fast approaching, I decided to use Nels Anderson's
TileMaker to create a set of football logos and symbols that can be
used with Mahjongg. The tile set includes the tiles:

# 1 - 34: Team logos. Alos penalty flag, Referree,
Lombardi Trophy, football, AFC & NFC logos.

# 35 - 38: Goalpost, 1st Down Marker, Gridiron,
Down Marker. These all match.

# 39 - 42: NFL Logo.

I hope you enjoy these tiles and find use out of them.

Bradley J. Role

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